• Does SEI support MFA?

    Does SEI support MFA when logging in to SEI?
  • Reset SEI Admin Password in SQL

    We have lost the password of SEI Admin, how can we reset its password in SQL DB?
  • Can't Reset User's Password in SEI

    Received a request from a user that he could no longer access his account nor reset his password. Upon attempting to reset the password myself, I received the error message below: "Cannot reset password for an active directory user" I believe the…
  • Process Restrictions when a User is in 2 Groups

    I have a userZ in groupA and groupB and I can't get the 'OR' to function when a process restriction is set for both groups. GroupA should only see data for Dimension1 and GroupB should only see data for Dimension2. I want user Z to be able to be able…