Automated Testing Platform webinar Questions & Answers

  1. Is there a way to randomize input? Can multiple tests be executed at the same time? can you use this to simulate stress tests and locking?

 In the next coming version of Sage X3 Automated Test Platform, it is planned to deliver a step definition allowing to generate random value based on timestamp.
This will allow for instance to fill-in Text field, Data table cell, etc. with random values. It will also be possible to concatenate hardcoded text with those random values.


Please refer to answer in question 4 about multiple tests executing at the same time and stress test.

2. How does ATP handle pop-ups especially if these pop-ups only occur in certain cases?


The test should describe the same events encountered by the user as when he does it manually.

if for instance an alert box appears after filling a value, the user will have to use step definition to indicate an alert box has been displayed.


If for instance an alert message is returned by Sage X3 which was not planned in the test, the test will fail and catch the message returned by Sage X3.

Unexpected message box displayed: + error message returned by Sage X3.

3. Why is it when you are showing that it goes so slow?

Blush Network issues on my side

4. Can it be used for stress testing, where we have multiple sessions with multiple transactions?


Sage X3 Automated Test platform is not aimed at doing performance testing or stress testing.
Sage X3 Automated Test Platform is aimed at doing regression testing.
R&D is currently looking at a solution that will allow to run multiple tests in parallel.  However, the number of sessions being executed in parallel will be limited.
Parallel execution can be tricky, as locks can be encountered on Sage X3 side due several automated tests trying to access or modify the same record at the same time.


5. is this available on premise?


 6. Licenses required?


 7. Can we do on Premise ATP instead of your cloud platform?


 8. Example was hardcoded values. Can you test with values from another source (database/excel)

 This is not possible to load values from an external source (database, excel)
However, Sage X3 Automated Test Platform provide Scenario outline capability.
Scenario outline allows to run the same scenario several time using the table of values provided in the automated test.

An example can be found in the online help here:

9. Does this now replace the Syracuse test scripts?

The tests in Syracuse are not automated, ATP is the way forward for Test Automation.

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