DBMS tools installation path issue

I am facing an issue while connecting the DBMS tools installation path, although I get the path automatically but when I select that I see the error (attached below) . 

I have added the version and sql path in the solutions.xml file but still no luck. 

Please guide me about this issue.

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    Hi Salman,
    That path is very specific to the version of the X3 and the Database Server you are installing. It should be picked up automatically if the Database has been installed correctly. The version of X3 and the Database version are also key here to ensure compatibility.

    Oracle vs. MS-SQL also has different approaches to installation. Oracle does not support an installation of the Database unless performed by a certified Oracle DBA.

    For MS-SQL your path should look like this on X3V12 Patch 12.0.33 with MS-SQL 2022 installed:-

    A recommendation here would also be to remove all components and re-add your solution from a clean slate. Also just to add, only use the X3 Management Console to configure your solution. Modified solution.xml files are not supported,  recommended, or advised.

    Hope this helps, for further issues kindly log a case with Sage X3 Customer Services South Africa. Using the normal channels.