• How to list all invoices in a report?

    After entering this invoice: it shows here: but not here: How can I get a report for all invoices? I notice that the report says "J2" -- but is there an existing report which will show all of these such entries?
  • How to link two equity accounts with Sage 50 Professional Accounting, Canadian edition?

    Linked Accounts Retained Earnings 3560 Current Earnings 3600 Payables ------------------------------ The instruction I read is to link accounts 3560 and 3600 which sounds conceptually simple. In settings, these show as Equity accounts. Fair…
  • How to disable budgeting in Sage 50 Premium Accounting Release 2024.0?

    From research, trying to follow these directions: To disable budgeting in Sage 50 Premium Accounting (Release 2024.0) for the Canadian edition, follow these steps: Open Sage 50 . Go to the Budgets & Forecasts menu. Select Budget Settings . …
  • Sage 50 Cannot open the database because the database engine reported an error (with error log)

    Upgraded SSD and tried to transfer files over. All the sage files work except for this one. How can I get support for this? Running on 2020 Sage 50 Pro Accounting. This is the error log I am getting: ----------------------------------------…
  • Phantom Linked Account

    So, we have not used inventory but we have been using the services portion of that module. I decided to create an inventory item and I linked to my inventory GL account. I decided against using the new inventory code and switched it to a service code…
  • BindingFailure with Sage50SharedUtility.dll error

    Hi, I'm trying to use the SDK 2024.2 in a .Net integration but get error below when trying to connect to the sample db: Managed Debugging Assistant BindingFailure: The assembly loaded from code base file:///C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sage Software…
  • Sage Webinars

    Greetings, To whom it may concern, I received the email saying that the group miss me. The reason why is because I was very busy with everything including the month of Ramadan the Muslim holy blessed month. My question is that I want to attend the…
  • Is there somewhere to turn on auto refresh?

    Currently every time I make an entry I need to refresh the document to see the post. It didn't used to be like that and I wonder if anyone knows how to turn it on. ;) Thank you.
  • This customer often pays late. See the Advice topic "Handling Overdue Accounts" for suggestions.

    Hi All, I got This customer often pays late. See the Advice topic "Handling Overdue Accounts" for suggestions errors for creating an Invoice using SDK. This line of my code throws an error. => objSalesJournal.SelectAPARLedger(name); //set customer name…
  • Sage 50 CA Error with SDK "Customer Ofen pay late. see the advice topic Handling Overdue accounts" for suggestion

    hi all, I am getting this error while importing Orders. can anyone suggest how to resolve it?? Sage 50 CA Error with SDK "Customer Ofen pay late. see the advice topic Handling Overdue accounts" for suggestion Thanks, SF
  • we are a non profit so we don't have inventory or services. Can I enter invoices directly to a g/l account?

    we are a non profit so we don't have inventory or services. Can I enter invoices directly to a g/l account?
  • Remote Data Access Not consistent

    Good morning, I have recently been having issues intermittently, when I go to open my company and select it either through, Last company worked on or an existing company which has been shared and last used using remote data access, that it does not…
  • Have a problem accessing the company data in network

    Hello, I have a Simply Accounting Premium 2008 version. I have recently added another computer to the network (the 2 computers are connected using an Ethernet cable) and I have access to the company data and back up from the second computer (read/write…
  • Sage 50 Quantum - Create a Positive Pay File

    Has anyone ever created a Positive File for Sage 50 Quantum version?
  • Completed Purchase Order

    Is there any way to uncomplete a completed PO? Or find the invoice of the completed PO? Thanks
  • Trouble with ending a shared company

    Hello, I'm really struggling with setting up a shared company. I can't share my most recent file to work on remotely because a company is already being shared. I have searched for this file, but it is nowhere to be seen. It isn't in my list of recent…
  • Remote Data Access

    Can my current users still access my company file locally, if they do not have email addresses, once I share the company?
  • Remote Data Access not working on weekends?

    The last two weekends in a row SAGE won't let me log on to our program. I get a message coming up that says "the company cannot be opened. It appears that services related to Remote Data Access or login are not operating as expected. Unfortunately one…
  • Internal Inventory

    I'd like to keep track of internal inventory. For example employee gloves that we keep in a stock room. I'd like to have a total of what's in the stock room and then adjust as we buy more or when an employee takes gloves.
  • Catch-ups for multiple year ends

    Hello, I've come back to work doing bookkeeping and I have two clients that need their bookkeeping records caught-up, both use Sage 50 Premium (2022). Their accountant told them to get Sage Accounting, wouldn't have been my choice given the restrictions…
  • Error Message Apr 27 2022 630am

    There is a maintenance notice that the site will not be available April 27 from 8pm to 12 am. Why can we not access the site now?
  • Is Sage 50 down?

    Is Sage 50 down? I can't seem to log into any of my companies, I get an error that says "An unexpected error has occurred while logging in. You must log in again"
  • Default tax options missing for new company?

    I'm trying to set up tax codes in a new company file. But when I follow the online instructions and go to SETUP > SETTINGS > COMPANY > SALES TAX > TAX CODES, and then click on the magnifying glass in a new code to go to the Tax Code Details window, and…
  • Security Vulnerability fix for CVE-2018-8269? ('Microsoft.Data.OData' Denial of Service Vulnerability)

    Sage 50 appears to be using an older version of microsoft.data.odata.dll in it's latest release (2022.2), which makes it vulnerable to a Denial of Service attack. Is there any plan for an upgrade to v5.8.4 or higher? Location: c:\program files (x86…
  • Switching from Quickbooks to SAGE

    Yesterday I bought Sage 50 CE >> Switching over from Quickbooks where I have one customer billing address and multiple ship to destinations. How does one set up customers like Sysco (DC orders; bill to Western h/o; ship to DC) ; Amazon,COM; Amazon.…