• Sage 200 2024 R1 - now available for Sage 200 Standard and Sage for Education customers

    Delighted to announce that Sage 200 Standard & Sage for Education 2024 R1 is now available, deployed overnight and updated at first login today #seamless! In this release, we have introduced new Web Screens within Purchase Order Processing, alongside…
  • Hi to send invoices to Print Spooler in Sage

    Hi Guys The Sales Ledger has now been closed for December, but I am still not able to print the invoice in Sage. How do I get the invoice into Sage Spooler for printing. I don't want to post but just print.
  • Supplier Payments testing

    Sage 200 can currently be tested and demonstrated with Bank Feeds using a Sage Demo Bank but there is no ability to do the same thing with supplier payments. ModuleR who provide the supplier payments service, have a sandbox option but this isn't available…
  • Option to automate the transfer of VAT from the sales and purchase tax control nominals to the VAT liability nominals post completing a VAT return

    For there to be an option to automate the transfer of VAT from the sales and purchase tax control nominals to the VAT liability nominal post completing a VAT return rather than this having to be journaled manually each time.
  • The ability to edit and unallocated non base currency transactions

    I wuld like the ability to edit, unallocate and correct non base currencies. Currently there is no option but to post opposite trasnaction to back out the original entry. Our base curreny is EURO, however we have multiple transactions in GBP. Not being…
  • Folders for Favourites

    It would be great if you could put your favourites into folders to save having to keep strolling up and down.
  • Could it be possible to add a get/update BOM functionality to the Sage 200 API?

    We've been working on developing an integration using RESTful API to Sage 200 but have run into a roadblock. The roadblocks involve the Sage 200 API, it seems that there is no available endpoint to get/update the Bill of Material information. …
  • Pay Now button on Pro Forma Invoices

    We use invoice payments via Stripe for SOP invoices but would like to extend this to pro forma invoices also. Currently it is not possible to add a Pay Now button to a pro forma invoice layout. The benefits of having this on pro forma invoices are…
  • Fixed Asset - Change Cost Centre

    Within the Fixed Asset Module of Sage 200, when you create an asset and give it a cost centre, after 1st month depreciation charge this is greyed out and you are unable to change it. We have assets regularly moving from one site to another and would like…
  • Invoicing List to deduct Credit Notes from total

    In the Invoicing list when you select invoices they display a total on the bottom of the list. If you select a Credit Note it is shown as a positive value and added to the Invoice total when it should be a deduction.
  • Sage 200 Professional - Project Issuing of Stock - Cost Methods

    Currently, if you issue stock (regardless of the costing method used for that item), if you had to return some of that stock from the project, that stock's cost price will represent the average cost of the item. This can cause discrepancies if you were…
  • Amend Batch Number by Location / Split Batches

    In the Amend Batch/Serial No feature, you can filter batch numbers by location, but changing the batch number applies to all locations where that batch exists. For example we have item GIN which is in stock at SHOP (qty 100) and WAREHOUSE (qty 100)…
  • Add Bureau To Sales Ledger View Columns

    We get recommended credit limits for most, but not all, customers from a bureau. It would be helpful to be able to see, sort and filter on this column.
  • Splitting Suggested payment into 2 after payment has been sorted

    I was faced with the option to split payments already sorted for payment into half due to limit placed on the account, but being that these payment are already sorted, it would have been easier if the payment can be spitted into 2, in a way that you remove…
  • Stock Control - View Sales Quotations

    Please accept this as a Request for Change on behalf of Tenneco Ltd. The Stock Control List View allows you to highlight an item then select View from the top toolbar which then prompts you from a dropdown menu. This menu displays several options…
  • NIL Posted Nominal Accounts Enquiry

    Hi, How do I get a list of Nominal Accounts which have never been posted to in Sage 200C?
  • Communication Error: There was no endpoint listening

    A customer is getting this communication error when attempting to access SAGE 200 HELP! Any advice is welcome.
  • How to get the users under specific company?

    Hi all, I have the following code where I list all the companies that have the same base currency as the current company. public List<CompanySelection> GetTheCompaniesSameBase() { List<CompanySelection> companies = new List<CompanySelection>();…
  • Macros / keyboard shortcuts

    Can I make macros for sage200? Or keyboard shortcuts even?
  • Why can't I copy from the stock list?

    Any ideas why I can't just copy data from the stock list? Quite annoying having to open an item just to copy its name
  • Making a BOM from an Item

    Is there a quick way of making a BOM from a stock item? It feels like I am currently entering a lot of info twice! Or vice versa, can I make the BOM first and then make the stock item from the BOM? Or, even better, is there a way of linking the 2…
  • Sage 200C Nominal Ledger Import Tool

    Hi guys, Our team are looking for an Excel Add-in Tool to help with hundred of lines of Journals Posting for Sage 200C on premise. We will like the Enforcement of Username when posting Journals and Business rules which can be maintained inhouse. …
  • Can the last Completed Period Total for VAT be the one that is highlighted by default

    In VAT analysis and Completed Period Totals. Instead of the first completed total being highlighted by default can this be changed to the most recent one? This then, if a re-submit needs to be done it is more obvious which one is highlighted as the…
  • Price Change History

    I am trying to work out if there is a part of Sage200 which logs what users are accessing and or changing product pricing on Sage 200 ? Previous Sage 500 had a log of who and when things were accessed and I wondered if Sage 200 also had this?
  • Please supp the client credentials grant type on your API

    More and more customers are wanting coupled integration with Sage 200 / Standard using the API from their e-commerce sites so this is getting to be an urgent requirement for a lot of developers. This then requires a service to written to get orders…