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New to Sage CRM. A:  Have excel sheets of donors with first and last name and email and many more fields but can hold off on that- what is the quickest way to import the data- can you provide an excel template for fields and code.



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    Hi Jennifer,

    If you have the right user rights, there is the ability to take an XLS / CVS file and import data into either Leads or Person. In both cases the name of the columns / order of the columns doesn't matter as you will manually map column to field. 

    First thing to decide on is - are you going to import as Leads (people you have never dealt with with before) or People (customers who you deal often with)

    The Import area can be found in Administration | Data Management | Data Upload

    From here you would state where the records would end up, then be able to upload the file, set some defaults before going through and mapping column to fields and performing the upload. 

    Using the Online Help as reference, this link should be at the start of the process for you to follow through 

    About Data Upload (

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    Simplest way to work out the structure is to first export one or more records that include the data you wish to import. Once you have exported it, copy your data into the exported sheet and then go through the data import process. You map your own columns/fields however, if you have named your fields so that they can be easily identified, CRMs importer will make a good guess at what they should be mapped to. Just one word of advice I have is to make sure that when you import email addresses or addresses, set the address type.