• Donor Data Import

    New to Sage CRM. A: Have excel sheets of donors with first and last name and email and many more fields but can hold off on that- what is the quickest way to import the data- can you provide an excel template for fields and code. Cheers Jen
  • Leading Zeros in ACH Import

    I am trying to import ACH template that has leading zeros in the routing numbers that keep getting dropped off when I convert the excel to a csv. Additionally, very large numbers are condensing to scientific notation with the wrong values when in csv…
  • New Import List screens

    Is it possible to add the email To field into the new Import email screens in CRM, customer is wanting to add it to the list for the Sent Items? Thanks
  • How to export workflow

    Hi all, I would like to export a workflow from a test CRM site and import it in a live CRM site, is there any way to export and import it instead of creating it again? Thank you.
  • Combine Excel cells on import

    Hi Sage community! So I am brand new to Sage, and have no experience with any similar programs. I am currently working to create streamlined systems between departments for my company, and one of those is the interaction between collected leads being…
  • Company Library Directory Missing

    I imported a bunch of company records, but none of them have a Comp_LibraryDir value. Any ideas on how I can get that to populate or fill in myself through SQL? Thanks, Anthony
  • Sage Import from excel

    I want to import an excel file to sage. May i have an asp custom page for putting as custom page. Thank you..
  • File Email Against Leads

    Hello Everyone, I am new to applying structure to my sales process and I really hope that Sage CRM is the tool that works for me! My sales process is simple: I conduct workshops and collect business cards from the attendees (these are my Leads); I then…
  • Import datetime fields with webservices

    Hi everyone, We are experiencing difficulties when we're importing CSV file into an custom entity. String, double and integer types are imported but we can't figure out the string format for the datetime type ! Can somebody help us ? TIA !
  • Import data to custom entity from an XML file

    Hi, I am using Sage CRM v7.2. I have to import data from an XML file to my custom entity. I noticed that Sage CRM doesnt support importing for custom entities. Is importing data in SQL server directly to my "Custom entity " table the most effective…
  • Person showing under company "people" tab but not in main search?

    Hi Can someone please help me. I have a problem in that a person exists if I go into the company and click on the people tab, but the individual person doesn't show up when I do a search? Any ideas as to why this could be and how I can fix it, other…
  • Is it possible to Upload product & price lists?

    We've just changed over to Sage CRM hosted. We've imported the companies and contacts, but notice there is no option to import products. We have a couple of hundred different products so I don't really want to go through the process of adding these individually…
  • Disallow import of inactive customers from Accpac

    Hi All, With Accpac integration, there is a provision to import Accpac customers into CRM. However, is there a way to allow import of only the active customers and disallow those customers which are inactive in Accpac? Regards, Yogesh
  • Making a report for data upload

    Hi. We're migrating data across two CRM systems (one live, and one brand new with no data) where database backup and restore is not possible. We've decided the best way to do this is by the data upload feature of CRM. The issue is that there is no way…
  • Import values to Selection List

    Hi All Sorry another quick question - If you setup a new field (type - selection) and If you have a large number of values - is it possible to import these values into the Selection Lookup? Thanks again, Paul