How Licenses are Assigned within Sage Intelligence Reporting

2 minute read time.

Sage Intelligence Reporting uses a Workstation Licensing model. Almost every Sage solution comes with at least one Report Manager license. That license, and additional licenses you buy, are managed through the License Manager module. 

The License Manager is a module that is available to all Sage Intelligence users. It allows you to see which users and workstations are consuming Report Manager and Report Viewer licenses and their module configuration.

Let’s say, for example, that you purchased two Report Manager licenses and two Report Viewer licenses. You also purchased the Report Designer and Connector licenses, each of which counts as one site license. 

In other words, all Report Manager and Report Viewer users may have access to the Report Designer and Connector if given permission. If we were to count all the Sage Intelligence licenses, your total would equal seven.   Remember the one free Report Manager license is counted with the additional two Report Manager licenses purchased.

Managing user licensing is focused more on the Report Manager and Report Viewer licenses, which are each assigned to a workstation. In the example above, there are five (three Report Manager licenses and two Report Viewer licenses).

The first number of workstations to access Sage Intelligence Reporting will be assigned these licenses. When the available five licenses have been assigned, you will need to purchase more licenses, or you will need to delete existing licenses not in use.

Licenses will be tied to a User Name and Workstation, so the licensing is not concurrent licensing.

Note: The preferred method is to allow workstations to claim licenses at first access, however you may manually add workstation licenses.

Allowing workstations to claim licenses at first access

1. If Sage Intelligence Reporting is available on each workstation, upon first launch, a window will appear prompting you to select a folder for the report repository.

2. Click the Browse button and navigate to the shared network folder where your Server Report Repository is located. 

3. Click OK.  

4. Enter your connection details and click OK

5. Select the correct license type for the workstation.


6. Click OK.

Manually Adding Workstation Licenses

1. When the License Manager is opened, the window below opens, listing the licenses.

2. Click the Add button to add a new license.

3. The window below appears. Select the workstation name to assign the license to.

4. Click OK.

5. Select the license type you would like to add.

6. Click OK.

7. You will now see the workstation license you added along with the license type. Select the Login Mode for the user.

8. Click Apply.