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  • Recommendations for a robust reporting tool for Excel with budget writeback or seperate budgeting tool

    Hello colleagues, I have several clients still using the discontinued and deprecated Spreadsheet Analyst with Budget Accelerator (formerly Insight Reporting) from Insight Software (previously Global Software, Inc.) and I'm looking for a suitable replacement…

    Has anyone set up the REORDER REPORT and noticed that the report is not showing any "QUANTITIES" on hand, on po, on so, on bo, and available? And it's only for some items not all. In my screen grab there are 2 items. Item 115123 which I know we…
  • accounting data issues

    It seems clear to me that Sage 200 is worse than Sage 50 for extracting accounting data. Also seems to be slower. Priting a nominal account transactions is impossilbe amending a journal impossible - software says you can do it, but then refuses when…
  • Sage 50 Accounts - Enter the trial balance

    From this video: Sage 50 Accounts - Enter the trial balance ( There looks to be a very good way of entering the trial balance for a number of accounts in a way much more reasonable than what I was doing: (+) Community Hub (sage…
  • How to input starting balances consistently for an existing company?

    How do I enter a "starting balance" with double-entry accounting? This is in the context of taking a course in Sage 50 where the directions are, at best, sparse. The directions are to enter account balances as: which is fine, but it's not…
  • Restrict specific security group from accessing AR Transaction Reports

    Hi all, the situation: I have a salesperson group in Sage 300, and I do not want them to access the AR Transaction Reports. Anyway to restrict specific security group from accessing AR Transaction Reports? Thank you.
  • Need a Standard Income Statement that shows EBITDA as the bottom line

    We're using BusinessWorks 2023. The Standard Income Statement is nice, but would also like to be able to show EBITDA at the bottom. How do I create a custom report, or does someone have one available that I can borrow?
  • Sage error in Microsoft SSMS

    I am brand new to Sage 100 Contractor, and am trying to create a custom view in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. When I try to save my view I get this error: I've never encountered this before in any databases that I've worked with, so I'm…
  • Pay Statement at menu 5-2-8 listing union calcs for one employee but not the other but we can see them on his payroll record

    Just witnessed a client who is running union payroll, but the Pay Statement is missing data on some employees in the calculations/deductions section. Both records are final computed but not posted. Both have 0000 as the check number. One employee shows…
  • Aged creditor report displays creditors with 0 balance

    Hi all, When I run an aged creditor report, it shows accounts with a 0 balance and I don't understand why. The aged debtor report doesn't do that. Any clues? Thank you.
  • Is there a PO Return of Goods History Report

    Is there a PO Return of Goods History Report? I see Inventory Sales History, Inventory Receipts History, and Inventory Issue History Reports under IM module, but I don't see an Inventory Return of Goods History Report. Nor do I find one under the PO…
  • How to set up Resale of Insurance Products

    We do not have any inventory per se, we sell insurance policies from different carriers and the company gets an override from the sales. How do I set this up in Sage? I want to be able to track each Independent Agent , the Carrier they sell from and which…
  • Supplier report listing all invoices with details/order no

    I am looking to run / create a report where I can see the following information in one place: Supplier Inv No Inv Ref / PO no Inv Details Net Amt Any help would be really appreciated! :)
  • Vendor Reporting YTD LY Results

    How can we do a report to show how much money we spend with each vendor for last year?
  • Export Check Register into Excell

    Is there a way to export a check register using Sage BusinessWorks into Excel.
  • Daily Transaction Register freezes at 97 percent when trying to print or print preview

    Like the subject says. Client prints daily transaction registers at close. When they try to complete this task th porgress bar gets to 97% and hangs. Does with multiple printers and also print to pdf.
  • COGS reporting

    Looking for any insight. As far as I can tell there is not direct report that links COGs to deliveries. I've created a quick SQL query that provides me the necessary details from GACCENTRYD based on the TYP = stock. This works for a very base understanding…
  • How to use sage intelligence reporting with optional fields?

    I want to spool sage intelligence report using optional fields that I created on General ledger instead of using General ledger account or General ledger account segments on sage 300. /resized-image/__size/640x480/__key/communityserver-discussions-components…
  • Page count on reports

    Is it possible to display a page number in a report that displays the count pertaining to each individual company within that report? i.e. Is it possible to reset the page count for the next company within the same report? For example, Company AAAA…
  • Sage MTD for VAT Submissions Module Error

    Hi Guys, I'm getting the error "Navigation to the webpage was cancelled" Screen print attached Any ideas? Regards Michael
  • Hi to send invoices to Print Spooler in Sage

    Hi Guys The Sales Ledger has now been closed for December, but I am still not able to print the invoice in Sage. How do I get the invoice into Sage Spooler for printing. I don't want to post but just print.
  • 1099 ty 2023 forms service launcher run-time error '5'

    I received this error after following procedures to update 1099 and received a successful update notification. I have put in a case on the support portal yesterday and have not received a response yet. Has anyone had this error? If so what do you do to…
  • Is RTD reporting working?

    Hello, I ran an RTD report and it looks like all zero rated services sales I made to the USA and Canada are showing in D1 (Home 0%). Is that normal? I was expecting to see services sales to all outside the state in D4. Best regards.
  • Activity in nominal accounts

    I am trying to see all activity in one nominal ledger account. The balance is zero as i expect it to be but there should be transactions in the account. One of which is a journal i posted to clear up a misposting. All done on the same day. However, i…
  • Do 2023 W-2's need to be processed before updating the forms to file the 4th quarter 941?

    I wanted to file our 4th Quarter 941 report but I have not processed our w-2's yet. If I update the forms through Atrix will this affect w-2 processing? Should I wait until our w-2's are processed then update the forms?