Is there a way to process a credit card as an immediate Sale in Sales Order Entry and not just a pre-authorization using Paya in Sage 100?

Any time we enter an order in Sales Order Entry that is being prepaid with a credit card, we use the "Payment" Transaction Type which pre-authorizes the funds for the order.  It is not until the order ships and the invoices are posted that the credit card authorization is then processed and posted.  However, we have several customers that want to prepay with a credit card but the order isn't due to ship for 10+ days, which causes the credit card authorization to expire.  A lot of times when we try to reauthorize the credit card the card gets declined because the pre-authorization hasn't actually cleared from their bank.  We would like to process their credit card as a Sale at the time the order is entered (and not wait until it is invoiced).  Is this somehow possible?