*EXPIRED* Federal Medicare Tax EPFML Withholding


What's the key to getting these (EPFML, EPSLO, EPSLS) expired codes from gumming up my Employer's Expense Summary and quarter end/year end reports?  It prints on some of my clients, but not others and I'm not easily finding the difference in the way I have them set up.

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    No.  Haven't heard anything.  I appreciate your help!

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    The employer expense summary report should not be showing those specific Covid earnings codes unless you are using them in a current payroll.  You should not be doing that.  Check the Tax Profile(s) you are using to see if those boxes are selected under the Federal Tax Group Details.  If they are not selected, make sure that you have run the most CURRENT Payroll Tax Update (1/26/23) from the Payroll, Utilities, Payroll Tax Update task.  I would suggest you run the Payroll Status Check next.  If you are still having this issue, please open a support ticket with Sage 100 so that we can troubleshoot further.  The most current Payroll version is 2.23.0 and Sage 100 v2021 or higher per Knowledge article 56080.

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    our office runs the payroll tax updates the same day they are available as it slows down our productivity for the system to run its "checking payroll in progress" everytime we begin entering a payroll.....so I know we are current on that.  Ran one this morning, as a matter of fact.  I'll have someone check our Tax Profile Maintenance and if we don't get anywhere, we can get a support ticket.  It's not a major concern as it never actually calculates anything....I just thought someone might have a quick fix for me.  Thanks for responding.