• Searching not working properly in the Sage 100 kb

    Looks like Searching is not currently working properly in the Sage 100 kb. The normally-expected results aren't appearing.
  • Ohio Local Taxes

    I am in Ohio, and we are in the process of setting up Sage 100 Contractor. Our office is located within a local workplace tax and then we have several employees which have a local school district tax in addition to the local workplace tax. We also have…
  • Looking For Bookkeepers and Accountants

    Hello, I am looking for a bookkeeper and or accountant who knows and understands sage. I am looking to hire a company or individual to perform our bookkeeping and accounting tasks. Payables, receivables, reconciliation, payroll (in the future). Accounting…
  • Billing for Pay-App Jobs

    I am fishing for someone in manufacturing that deals with pay-app jobs with retainage and change orders to possibly schedule a meeting with to discuss how to handle in Sage 100. We are in a constant battle of getting Sage 100 to match what we are billing…
  • Old Sage Hub post

    Is there a way to remove old post on this forum that were never replied to...
  • Have support hours changed?

    I received a call from a Sage Tech last night after hours (for me, at least, on the East Coast). The message suggested I call back between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM Eastern Time. It is now quarter after 8 in the morning, Eastern Time, and after going through…
  • Sage services still down

    Hi, still down, huh? Any ETA, please? KathleenF ? Erzsi_I
  • Anyone else having trouble getting to Partners.SageNorthAmerica.com?

    Trying to get to: https://partners.sagenorthamerica.com/irj/portal/ , so far tried in Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Brave. Getting various iterations of: This site can’t be reached partners.sagenorthamerica.com took too long to respond. …
  • Business Partner

    I am needing recommendations for a Sage 100 Business Partner
  • Sage University Monitoring

    Is there a way to monitor employees activity on Sage University as an Admin
  • Sage University

    Good day I had to create an account for the university and I used the wrong account number.How can I fix this?
  • Customer Support Hours

    What are the hours for Sage's Customer Support? Currently have been on the phone for an hour and a half and I haven't heard anything. Any info would be helpful.
  • Reminder: Last month to save 50% on Sage 100 ERP anytime learning courses

    Promotion details: · Save 50% on Sage 100 ERP anytime learning courses · Promotion is valid from February 1 to March 31, 2023, and Ts & Cs apply · To enroll in any of the Sage 100 ERP courses, visit www.sageu.com/Sage100 · Use coupon code Spring2350…
  • Looking to hire both telephone support and consulting positions for Sage 100/AutomatedService/SvcOnTheGo (remote)

    I am presently looking to hire to fill openings for telephone support and consulting for Ascent Business Systems. If you are an experienced on Sage 100 support, consultant or a power user looking for a new challenge, reach out to me at cfix@ascent-sys…
  • Updating Item Cost Quote/Sales Order

    Is there an option to automatically update all items on an old quote with the most recent cost (last cost) before converting to a sales order. Currently our sales team is deleting and re-adding all items that have an updated cost.
  • Multiple Ach batch files being written into interface

    Hello All, When completing an ACH run, I am seeing 2 ACH batches being written into interface when generating an ACH file.. I am wondering why it is 2 batches instead of 1. I am being charged by the bank on a per batch basis and wondering if 2 batches…
  • Receipt of Goods

    I have a quick question to see if any of you have a fix. We have a receipt done, that invoiced but put the entire receipt in back order status. How do we get the purchase orders out of back order status? We have ran a Purchases Clearing Report and the…
  • PO Clearing

    Hello, What is the best way to handle vendor credits when it involves return of goods? We have an issue with PO clearing when items are received, invoices paid, then items are returned. The credits are not being processed through PO, which is leaving…
  • copy and paste sale order entry field

    Hello, From time to time when coping then pasting a S/O # in the S/O entry field a user will receive an error message stating S/O doesn't exist. However it its typed the S/O will display.. Does anyone know why this happens?? Thanks
  • How to clear OCIP cost

    What is the best way to clear OCIP/CCIP costs? I have received retention less OCIP charges. This is the amount showing as an open amount in the Net Due in A/R invoices grid.
  • Unapplied Cash

    Hello again, How do we put unapplied cash on a customer's account? Regards
  • Multiple users in cash receipts

    Hello, Can two people be in cash receipts at the same time? Thanks
  • Sage U seems to be down. Anyone else having trouble?

    I get "504 Gateway Time-out" after the Welcome screen and the Login. Tried Chrome, Firefox and Edge - same on all.
  • Sales order issue

    Hello, I have been having problems with an order. Item #SLM5025 is the problem child. The system would not allow me to change the line to ship out of 000 from 600. I would get an error message saying that an item code is required, When I open the Sales…
  • Need help with back ordered quantities from sales orders

    We are currently using Sage 100 and I will be the first to admit that we are probably nowhere close to using its full potential, so any input on processes or modules needed will be greatly appreciated. Here's my issue.... We are a manufacturing facility…