Bank Reconciliation

Our temp accountant cleared an outstanding check last month but changed the amount to $0.   The check actually cleared in the current month.  Does anyone have a solution to this so that I can clear it in the current month's reconciliation?

  • Has the Bank Reconciliation been posted for last month with the incorrectly cleared check?  This shouldn't be possible because the statement balance from the bank couldn't have matched at the end of last month, but I want to confirm first in case the statement amount was altered to allow the bank rec to post, or if the General Ledger is now out of rec with the Bank Balance.  In any case it should all reconcile now and not be a big issue.  If last months rec has been posted, which included the check, honestly the pain of trying to fix it won't be worth the effort but I'll wait to see what you say.

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    Thank you for your response. 

    Somehow the check# cleared but the amount was changed to $0.00.   Because of this, the G/L balanced with the Bank.  

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    Ok, in this case if you set the Reconciliation Date to a date in the current month, doesn't the cheque still appear in the list with the full amount still to be reconciled or listed as partially reconciled?  If not, please run the Reconciliation Posting Journal for the last Bank Rec and look to see what was done.  Was it reconciled with Write Off/Error i.e. its been sent off to the Write Off G/L account and that's why the Bank's G/L account is still in Balance?  This is a strange one!  Hopefully the Reconciliation Posting Journal will let you know exactly what happened Thumbsup