• AR Receipt - Special / invalid characters in AR check / receipt field causing Bank Reconciliation issue

    A user entered a '[' within text in the AR Receipt Check/Receipt No. field which then caused an issue in the Bank Reconciliation. We are on version 2014 (300 Premium ERP) (Build 1) (Product Update 1). A posting by Connie H. in Sage Ideas database titled…
  • bank Reconciliation

    We created a new database and entered opening balances. How do we enter O/S chq to the bank entry for reconcilation?
  • Bank Reconciliation

    Our temp accountant cleared an outstanding check last month but changed the amount to $0. The check actually cleared in the current month. Does anyone have a solution to this so that I can clear it in the current month's reconciliation?
  • How Do I Remove zero balance transactions from the bank reconciliation

    Hello All, I'm sure this is a question that many Sage 300 users have. On the bank reconciliation, there are transactions with zero dollar amounts that are piling up because the system does not allow the user to clear them (I try to click on the…
  • Bank Reconciliation - Attempt to change disabled field 'Transaction Date'.

    i am using Sage 300 2020.3 and have been trying to import a list of cheques into the bank reconcilaition function to reconcile cheques and have the reconciliation date show up as when they actually cleared the account. this isn't something new for us…
  • Bank Transactions shows only Transaction inquires after updating sage 300 2023 from PU1 to PU3

    After updating from sage 300 2023 PU1 to PU3, under bank transactions the only option displayed is `Transaction Inquiries` I have decided to uninstall and made a new installation problem persist. I decided to take old backup, which was under 2022 version…
  • Web client of bank rec not displaying a full list of outstanding items

    the classic client shows withdrawals outstanding past cheque 189 but the web client stops at 188. Note that the yellow highlights show that I have the same selection criteria. The green highlights indicate that the web client knows that correct total…
  • Reversing Cleared / Reconciled Cheque

    We are using 2021 (300 Premium) (Build 20) (Product Update 2) An outstanding cheque was cleared by mistake during the Bank Reconciliation. The bank reconciliation is posted. Is there a way to mark this cheque outstanding again? We couldn't find a…
  • Bank reconciliation automation

    Can you recommend add ons to automate bank recs in 300? Thanks.
  • Bank reconciled items for past reconciliations

    Is there a way to pull a list of items that were processed as reconciled in a past, closed month?
  • Outstanding withdrawals in first page of bank reconciliation report does not balance with total of detail in last page

    We have some outstanding transactions that are included in the detail total but not in the report summary. Any thoughts?
  • Bank Reconciliation Page unresponsive

    I am getting below error while processing bank reconciliation via webscreens, How can this be mitigated?
  • Bank Feeds - Canadian Commercial Accounts

    Has there been any progress with getting Canadian Commercial Accounts to work in Bank Feeds? The bank is available in the list (TD Commercial Banking) but it cannot be connected to.
  • Vendor Number Change causing a Payment error in bank services and corrupting data

    We have a client running Sage 2022 PU 1. They consistently use the Vendor number change program to combine or change Vendors. When this is done before bank reconciliation, they get a payment not found message when they try to post their Bank Reconciliation…
  • Book Balance in Bank Reconciliation

    Our bank has not been reconciled in Sage from 2018 onwards because of some issues. Now I want to start reconciling in Sage. Our bank balance is as below and there is a book balance of the below amount in the picture. The question I have is where is the…
  • Bank rec reconciled items showing

    We have 2 bank accounts. When we pull one in bank reconciliations and setup the display to "reconciled", cleared items for many months back display. When we do the same for the other account, no transactions are displayed. We cannot figure out what the…
  • bank rec

    why am I getting payment not found when trying to post my bank rec.
  • Clearing with bank error and write off

    when a deposit or withdrawal is cleared with bank error or Write off, what happens to it? does it show in the GL account which is selected i bank setup for Write off?
  • Bank Reconciliation Out of Balance

    I reconciled on 4/30/18 and all was good. Then i realized a bank transfer was entered twice, so i entered a transaction going the opposite way to clear one of them out. When i reconcile the statement for 5/3 and select both of the transactions it shows…
  • Consolidated Banks

    We have 3 separate bank accounts that roll up to one sweep account. Currently we have to keep a spreadsheet for each account balance to determine what the balance is in our sweep account. We also have to use this spreadsheet for reconciling each account…
  • RE: AR reconciliation (subledger to general ledger)

    This solution applies to most versions of most software, and to Sage 300, and Ptree 50, too. Post all o/s AR transaction to AR, and to GL. Then run the [AR TB], and the [GL TB for the AR control account] at the END of the furthest period open in your…