• Customer Number Change must be upgraded, but how?

    When attempting a Customer Number Change as part of the day-end process the day after upgrading Sage 300 - 2022's Payroll module to version 8, we encountered the following error: Error: Newer version of US Payroll was detected. Customer Number Change…
  • Payroll Employee Setup - Pay - G/L Distr. Code

    Payroll Employee Setup - Pay - What's a G/L Distr. Code and where do I manipulate them?
  • accruals

    vacation pay stopped accruing and being paid out for a large number of employees but not all
  • T4A Box 144 -Exempt Income

    Has anyone figured out how to get income to show in Box 144 of the T4A in Canadian Payroll?
  • Sage 2019 Payroll 7.3 and January 2023 Tax Table update

    Just putting this out there, to see if anyone has attempted to install the January 2023 Payroll Tax Table update on Sage version 2019.
  • Payroll Error exporting checks as PDF -2147221164 class not registered.

    We have a client getting an error message when posting cheques in Payroll: Error exporting checks as PDF -2147221164 class not registered. They are running Sage 2021 and Payroll 7.3 (no July Tax Table installed yet. Any one have any suggestions.
  • Box 52-Pension Adjustment not showing on T4

    We cannot get Box 52 to show the employer amount for Pension on the T4 form. I had a similar problem last year, but was able to fix it by adding another "Benefit" and having it go to box 52, but that is not working this year.
  • Canada Payroll 7.3 - Calculate Payroll Error

    We have a client that is getting an error running calculate payroll. It does calculate , but at the end a message pops up: An error has occurred during the processing of Calculate Payroll. The error returned was 1. The operation being performed was…
  • Payroll error (print cheque control)

    We have a client that is getting an error message during the print cheques function in Payroll. They are getting an error has occured during print cheques control. The error returned was 1020 errupdateBKtran -20, plus another 3 similar messages for upding…
  • EFT Payroll Reconciliation - HELP!

    I have had success setting up our EFT Payroll (Orchid) with Sage 300. However, when I go to reconcile my bank through an OFX statement the bank has processed the payroll as a full total withdrawal and of course, on the Sage side, it sees the individual…
  • Box 52 Pension Adjustment not showing up on the T4

    We have 2 deductions set up for Pension. One is for the Employee contribution, and one for the employer portion. Both are set to 5% (Percentage of Base). The employee portion is set to go to box 20 and 52, and the employer is set to go to 52 only. They…
  • Payroll Transaction history and the ROE

    We have a client that noticed that the entries she is doing in history to update hours for employees are not being reflected in box 15C of the ROE. They are using the latest payroll tax updates and running version 2020.
  • error installing Tax table update

    Getting the following error while attempting to install January Tax Table update for PAyroll 7.3 Error determining program edition. It is Sage 2019. I seem to recall seeing this one at least once before, but do not recall the resolution
  • taxable fringe

    i need to setup a taxable fringe for the personal use of company vehicles, sage knowledge base for taxable fringes recommends the in/out pay type. my issue is that the out deduct gets hard coded to a single liability account and I have no liability to…
  • How does Sage 300 handle the CPP 3500 exemption

    I am working with someone that is new to Sage 300, but not new to Payroll. They have payroll setup, and we are trying to match the calculations from the other system (Sage 50) to Sage 300. We have entered all of the employees, and also entered their…
  • 2020 Aatrix 941 Form

    Does anyone know when the 2020 941 form will be available? When I select the 2020 form in Aatrix it generates as the 2019 form and says I'm unable to e-file.
  • Error message in Sage 300 2019 and the Payroll Modules: A problem occurred and a valid license for this product cannot be found

    We have a client getting this error message in Sage 300 2019 , and the Payroll Modules:A problem occurred and a valid license for this product cannot be found" Does anyone have any suggestions. Payroll is version 7.3
  • PR - Non-resident alien FWH additional tax

    Is there a Payroll formula that will automatically calculate the additional federal withholding tax for an employee that is a NRA? Or some easy way of adding the additional tax each pay period?
  • Sage 300 Payroll Web Screens

    Hello, I was wondering when Sage will be pushing out payroll web screens? Many of our customers run the financial suite along with payroll. They would like to be able to run the whole thing through a browser, including their payroll processes. What…
  • How to enter TD1 in payroll

    We're stuck on how to enter a new TD1. We have the basic amount ($12069) and the employee filled out $10150 for Tuition amount. If we put the amount $10150 as TD1 - Tuition and Edu in Sage 300, is the amount on "TD1-Total Tax Credit" in Sage (12069+10150…
  • Canadian Payroll PIER Report

    Was wondering if anyone else has run the PIER Report in Canadian Payroll for 2018 calendar year in Payroll 7.3 with the latest tax table? A couple of users are reporting that the CPP columns that are showing a discrepancy are not taking the 3500 exemption…
  • Sage 300 2.18 Payroll - Notes limitation

    Is there a limit to the number of characters that can be entered in the notes field on the other tab of Sage 300 Canadian Payroll 7.3
  • Pension Adjustment does not hold cents amount

    Hi all, Anyone having issues with the T4 Pension Adjustment Amounts rounding to the nearest dollar? I've looked on Sage's Knowledge Base and it seems that Sage 50 clients are also having the same issue.
  • Replacing a lost payroll check in Sage 300C 2017

    I have an employee that lost their payroll check and I need to replace it. What is the easiest way to do that?
  • Tiered employer matched deductions

    With Sage 300 Payroll, is it possible to calculate an employer matched deduction which has the following rule: 100% match on deductions up to 3% of wages and 50% match on additional deductions up to 5% of wages?