Sage300 Webscreen [Account Payable] batch lock by another user

We are currently experiencing a lock batch error when trying to change batch ready to post option to YES.

We have observed the following.

Batch created by user1 > User1 edit batch> user1 Save> User1 unable to update ready to post.

Sage300 2021 webscreens.

Any suggestion ?

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  • in reply to Agatha_Ruby

    Our client has this on GL batch. One user enters the batch and when the other user goes to post it says it is locked by another user. Sometimes they have to wait nearly an hour. 

    any solutions. 

  • in reply to BCSKZN

    I know your reply was six months ago but was wondering if you came up with a solution or work-around for this?  I'm currently seeing the same issue at a site and trying to get to the bottom of it.  Do you find clicking the circular refresh arrow at the bottom of Batch Listings helps clear the lock?