Journal Entry Upload for Multiple Post Dates

I have recently started a new job as A/R Manger where we are on Sage 500 - ERP 2018 Product Update 6 Desktop Enterprise Edition.  One of the first limitations I came across was the ability to upload a journal entry that crosses multiple periods.  Is this a setting that was made during implementation, such that we are required to use batch entry?  Can this be changed in the settings?  Where would this setting be made, as I would need to convey to our system administrator for modifying existing settings.  Is there another workaround?

Thanks for any suggestions that are out there!

  • There are two ways to import GL transactions into Sage 500.  The original one that is no longer actively supported is by using the import application GL | Activities | GL Utilities |  GL Import.  The other is the Data Import Manager module's Pending GL Transactions which is the one currently supported.  I believe both are batch driven and do not have system globally maintained parameters to drive processing.  However, the Data Import Manager (DIM) does have job driven parameters.  Can you tell me which utility you are using?

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    Thanks so much for the reply!  We are using the one you described as no longer supported.  Looking at Sage now, I don't appear to have DIM enabled under in my current system role/permissions (grayed out).  Are we able to load in an entry that crosses multiple months using DIM?

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    Hi Tiffany. I would need to better understand your ask - when you say "upload a journal entry that crosses multiple periods". Sage 500 journal entries each have a single date. Batches have single dates as well. Can you enter the scenario you are describing via the screen? There are situations where transaction dates, different than post dates, vary within a batch, depending on the transaction type.

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