• Journal Entry Upload for Multiple Post Dates

    I have recently started a new job as A/R Manger where we are on Sage 500 - ERP 2018 Product Update 6 Desktop Enterprise Edition. One of the first limitations I came across was the ability to upload a journal entry that crosses multiple periods. Is this…
  • Error posting Receipt of Goods batch

    Hello! We are trying to post a batch of Receipt of Goods and keep receiving the following error: Can anyone offer advice/suggestions/a solution?? Thank you!
  • Batches stuck as "in use"

    We have run into an issue a few times with both AP and GL batches. The status changes and is stuck on "in use". We check that there are no users in the batch, but the status gets stuck, we can't delete it or post it. The only resolution we are able to…
  • Accounts Payable System Check Register EFT: Not Assigned

    In one of my new companies I recently set up, I am having an issues with Accounts Payable, System Check Register NOT ASSIGNING numbers. I have looked but just see what is not checked or set up incorrectly. All of my other companies work find.
  • Partial Payments/Decimal Quantities for Serialized Items

    We have a serialized item in our inventory (a cooling tower) that is currently the only line item on an open PO and has a quantity of 1.00. We have setup progress payments with the vendor, received the first invoice, and need to make the first payment…