Installing Sage 50 2023 on server drive d: not c:

I'm upgrading from an old server to a new server and needing to install Sage 50 2023 to the new server.  The old server program was on Drive D: and networked with two other computers.  When I install to D: on new server, the program will not run Smartpost.  Do we have to install on drive C: only or can we install on Drive D:?

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    Since no one else is answering you. In my experience I've always run the Sage program on the server from the C:\ drive at the default location provided in the Sage installer. I always placed the company data folder on another partition like D:\ for example. Now, some of these so-called Sage experts that haunt these pages will say you cannot run the company folder on a separate drive or partition but I've done it for years. Currently I have my Sage on a remote host so I can split the Sage headaches with them and not have it all on myself. 

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    Thank You!  My old server is running Sage program from D:\ drive and company data folder on D: also. Has for over 10 years now. But installing Sage 2023 to the new server that way is causing some issues. I may see if I can run it your way. If not, I'll have to do it Sage's way. Thanks again. 

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    I agree. The program path should be on the C drive. Normally you should take the default location for the program. But I have many customers who have the data on a drive other than C. Setting your data path to D:\Sage\Peachtree\Company and sharing the Peachtree folder is a common configuration.