• Sage 50 2024 upgrade does not accept current serial number

    Sage 50 2024 upgrade does not accept current serial number - The upgrade wizard automatically populates our serial number, but after clicking Next, it says the serial number is invalid. How can we get past this?
  • Client.bat fresh installs on workstations fail after upgrading server to 2024.0.1

    After installing the 2024.0.1 update on Sage 50 2024 server, new workstations attempting a fresh install via the client.bat file fails with error: "The installation file refers to an invalid Sage 50 Accounting 2024 centralized company data location."…
  • Upgrading from Sage 50 US 2022 to 2024.0.1

    Looking for some recommendations on upgrading from Sage 50 US 2022 version to the 2024.0.1 version. We skipped the 2023 version due to the many online complaints regarding issues with the version for companies with large data sets. Now we are preparing…
  • Quantum Accounting

    We just purchased Quantum Accounting w/o payroll, not knowing. Is it possible to add this service or did we just lose money?
  • Peachtree 2011, 3-user. Upgrade scenarios. Questions on, either move or upgrade.

    We currently have Peachtree 2011, 3 user edition. We do not use payroll. We are on Windows 7 right now. We need to upgrade our computers to Windows 11 Pro. So, Option 1 is - Can we move the Peachtree 2011 to the new computers? I think we have the serial…
  • Sage 50 v29.2.398.0 upgrade

    Hi, I've just ugraded to the latest version of Sage 50 as requested by the system. Everything seemed to go ok but on checking the activity in the ledgers I can't see any even when there are balances in the ledgers. I've also noticed that any transactions…
  • Sage Upgrade

    Hi, Need to understand about sage upgrade to 2024 version. I tried calling the support +1- 888-498-1120 but got no response.
  • Upgrade not available on workstation because it states server has not been upgraded...but has been.

    Server has been upgraded and Sage 50 works fine on it. Workstation has upgrades downloaded but still says server has not been updated. Please advise. Thanks.
  • sage 2024 install

    Hi, We just upgraded to Sage 50 2024. We have it installed on a server and 3 computers. Install/upgrade on the server and 2 of the computers went just fine, with no issues. But the last computer will not complete the install (version 2023 worked just…
  • Upgraded to Sage 50 Pro 2024 and now it won't open

    I upgraded to Sage 50 Pro 2024 last week and everything went well. The ledger was out of balance after the upgrade and I was going to contact support to help. Now it won't open at all and gave me a support phone number to call and it is the weekend so…
  • SAGE 50

    Where do I find the SAN Sage 50 Quantum download?
  • serial number

    need serial number to install the new version
  • Is there anywhere to buy a sage 50 2021 premium user license add on still?

    Is there anywhere to buy a sage 50 2021 premium user license add on still?
  • 2024 upgrade / not opening

    Downloaded Sage 50 2024, it was successful download and converted the database, reshared to remote access. Even shows company is shared in remote data access as 2024 version. I enter credentials and nothing happens. Database does not open. Or information…
  • Worst Developement and Support Ever, At a Stand still NO access After Update to 2024

    This software is the worst for developement and support that I have ever encountered in my profissional IT career. We have no access to our Sage 50 after updating to 2024, it will not accept any logins, and I can get no one to help me. I put in a support…
  • Connection to Sage HR after 2024 upgrade

    I downloaded the 2024 upgrade with no problem. I got logged in and converted my data just fine. But when trying to get connected to Sage HR I get up pop up that says We are connecting your company to Sage HR please wait. So I wait and wait and wait…
  • Activation Attempts

    I was told to keep trying to activate my license after doing the upgrade to 2024. You have 10 attempts, I am down to 4 left, what happens if I use them all up and still not get activated? Thanks
  • login issue after upgrading to sage 2024

    I need someone to help with this login issue after upgrading to sage 2024. After I click 'OK' at the login window, it asks me to change the password, so I change password for example to 'Bo123456', it always gives me an error message 'old password is…
  • Sage make it impossible to cancel

    So our sage expires in December. We don't want to renew. It says we are on Sage business care, auto-renews. We want that turned off. Chat says to call 877-495-9904 They pass you onto an account manager, but it's just VM. Tried 877…
  • Upgrade to 2023 fails again!!

    We have attempted for the 3rd time to upgrade from 2022 to 2023, and again it fails. The upgrade appears to run successfully, but when attempting to start Sage, no logon screen appears. Each previous time, we had to have support involved to help us…
  • Sage 50 Software

    Hello, Please I need the link to download Sage 50 Premium 2015 trial version. Thanks.
  • Preferential pricing for clients?

    Hi all. I have a client who needs to upgrade to the latest version of Sage 50 Premium Accounting. I understand that being a member of Sage Accountants Network means my clients can get preferred pricing. I'm curious where/how I can find out what that preferred…
  • upgrade

    Hi, is the upgrading of SAGE included in the payment of Subscription? Thank you in advance.
  • Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2014 (SR-1)

    we have Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2014 (SR-1) with 30 people and now has expired we wanted to upgrade but could not figure out how to do so . And what is the equivalent version of Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2014 (SR-1).
  • Upgrading Sage 50 Accounting 2018 to Sage 2023

    Hi, I am currently working with the 2018 version of Sage 50 US. And I got an upgrade alert to 2023, and if I am interested in making that change. My doubt is: Does downloading the Sage 2023 installer and installing it recognize or migrate my 2018 license…