• login issue after upgrading to sage 2024

    There is an existing problem on this link, but no one has a real solution to the problem. Ask a question login issue after upgrading to sage 2024 Can you provide the solution to the problem? Backing up and restoring is not a solution that I need. thanks…
  • Sage 50 obsolescence updating will custom settings be automatically transferred

    We have a Sage 50 old version that needs to be updated to the new 2024 version. We run Sage 50 on a network on a cloud server. When we update, will the customized settings and formats (printing, reporting) be automatically transferred to the new version…

    When I enter the serial number in SAGE "about" it wont accept it on the update window.
  • Still using One-Write Plus

    I have a client who is running One-Write Plus on an ancient Win95 Gateway computer. I think I've finally convinced them to upgrade before the machine dies. What is the best way to move One-Write data over to Sage? Thanks!
  • 2023 to 2024

    I currently have Sage 2023 on a server and want to upgrade to 2024. Do I have to uninstall 2023 or do I just install the 2024.0 upgrade update version and not the full install? Below are my current choices. Same question for the client on workstations…
  • Network and Workstation Issue

    I have just now upgraded to 2024 Sage 50 on the server and have tried to download and connect a workstation. We have paid for the services for a long time but never used another workstation before. I think I have gotten where I need to be but I am getting…
  • How do I contact Sage 50 USA by phone?

    Hello Sage, I am looking to get my serial number for Sage 2024.1. I tried calling 8**-***-2526. Can I have the best number to reach sage customer support? I am looking to talk to an actual sage repersentative. Regards Robert Cook
  • Unable to open company

    I am trying to open a company to convert to Sage 50 US 2024. It was working fine before I upgraded to 2024.
  • Sage 50 2024 won't open or show splash screen

    I recently upgraded Sage 50 from 2023 to 2024. The program worked fine for 2 weeks and it suddenly stopped working today. I have tried the following: 1. Repaired the software 2. Uninstalled 2024, reinstalled it from scratch. 3. Uninstalled any…
  • Update Sage50 to 2024

    Dear My company SAGE 50 US edition, currently it show message as message below image. - it required to install update to 2024 version? - Required new serial number as image show below?
  • Open Sage 50 2024 Data in Sage 50 2020

    HI I have some of our partners that still use Sage 50 2020 as we do. I want to upgrade to the newest Sage but no one else wants to do it. I I opened a file on Sage 2024 will they be able to open it again on their 2020 version?
  • Issues after upgrading from Sage 50 2022 to 2023

    We have Sage 50 installed on our server, we are planning to move to a new server running Sage 50 2024, but temporarily needed to upgrade our current to 2023 to get the 5 additional users. We first started by backing up our 2022 database. Then from in…
  • Sage 50 2024 upgrade does not accept current serial number

    Sage 50 2024 upgrade does not accept current serial number - The upgrade wizard automatically populates our serial number, but after clicking Next, it says the serial number is invalid. How can we get past this?
  • Client.bat fresh installs on workstations fail after upgrading server to 2024.0.1

    After installing the 2024.0.1 update on Sage 50 2024 server, new workstations attempting a fresh install via the client.bat file fails with error: "The installation file refers to an invalid Sage 50 Accounting 2024 centralized company data location."…
  • Upgrading from Sage 50 US 2022 to 2024.0.1

    Looking for some recommendations on upgrading from Sage 50 US 2022 version to the 2024.0.1 version. We skipped the 2023 version due to the many online complaints regarding issues with the version for companies with large data sets. Now we are preparing…
  • Quantum Accounting

    We just purchased Quantum Accounting w/o payroll, not knowing. Is it possible to add this service or did we just lose money?
  • Peachtree 2011, 3-user. Upgrade scenarios. Questions on, either move or upgrade.

    We currently have Peachtree 2011, 3 user edition. We do not use payroll. We are on Windows 7 right now. We need to upgrade our computers to Windows 11 Pro. So, Option 1 is - Can we move the Peachtree 2011 to the new computers? I think we have the serial…
  • Sage 50 v29.2.398.0 upgrade

    Hi, I've just ugraded to the latest version of Sage 50 as requested by the system. Everything seemed to go ok but on checking the activity in the ledgers I can't see any even when there are balances in the ledgers. I've also noticed that any transactions…
  • Sage Upgrade

    Hi, Need to understand about sage upgrade to 2024 version. I tried calling the support +1- 888-498-1120 but got no response.
  • Upgrade not available on workstation because it states server has not been upgraded...but has been.

    Server has been upgraded and Sage 50 works fine on it. Workstation has upgrades downloaded but still says server has not been updated. Please advise. Thanks.
  • sage 2024 install

    Hi, We just upgraded to Sage 50 2024. We have it installed on a server and 3 computers. Install/upgrade on the server and 2 of the computers went just fine, with no issues. But the last computer will not complete the install (version 2023 worked just…
  • Upgraded to Sage 50 Pro 2024 and now it won't open

    I upgraded to Sage 50 Pro 2024 last week and everything went well. The ledger was out of balance after the upgrade and I was going to contact support to help. Now it won't open at all and gave me a support phone number to call and it is the weekend so…
  • SAGE 50

    Where do I find the SAN Sage 50 Quantum download?
  • serial number

    need serial number to install the new version
  • Is there anywhere to buy a sage 50 2021 premium user license add on still?

    Is there anywhere to buy a sage 50 2021 premium user license add on still?