Aloha from Hawaii! Help!

New to Businessworks.

Our fiscal close is on Oct. 31. Trial balance data is limited and is only showing me Oct. 2019 to current and nothing prior. 

How can I access this information? 

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    1. open G/L -> Utilities -> status - this will show how many years the data files keep data , we keep 3 years of data and 5 years summery data

    2. open each module's status - and see the years the other modules keep data, Yes they can be different.  I keep mine at 36 months

    3. To see before Oct 2019, you will need to restore a backup,
    be care not to erase your current company, it is HIGHLY recommended to restore to a DIFFERENT company name

    I use a system of  Z [company initals] XXXX  where XXXX is the newest fiscal year in the backup data file.

     example     Company Name   is  IBM      so the restore company  name would be ZIBM2022  or  ZIBM2210     Z  [company initals] XX YY  where xx is year and YY is month

    I know in BW 2020 and newer you can make the restore names up to 12 characters, we have one that long Slight smile 

    4. I hope your company is following good practices on backups and creating a Yearly, Monthly, and several time per week backups.  Hard drive space is very cheap, as to compare to manually restoring records.from paper.