• Can BWGAccess Get Item Subassemblies?

    We are using BWGAccess to get items and orders from Sage. Our customer would now like us to get the subassemblies that make up an item. Is this possible via BWGAccess? The documentation I have doesn't seem to include anything related to subassemblies…
  • Errors in reconciling A/P Aging to GL

    We have a problem with our A/P module. There are some invoices that appear in the G/L A/P account that do not appear on the aging report or under the Vendor inquiry. However, the invoices DO appear when you search for them under the same vendor by invoice…
  • Daily Transaction Register freezes at 97 percent when trying to print or print preview

    Like the subject says. Client prints daily transaction registers at close. When they try to complete this task th porgress bar gets to 97% and hangs. Does with multiple printers and also print to pdf.
  • Changing a Sales Order that has been partially invoiced?

    We are using version 2019. According to an enhancement sheet for various versions we are supposed to be able to add, delete, or edit lines on sales orders that have been partially invoiced since version 2010. It appears we cannot do this. All options…
  • BusinessWorks

    Can I print forms 1099-R and 1099-INT from Sage BusinessWorks?
  • Businessworks 2021 vs 2023

    I currently am using Businessworks 2021 and just installed the most recent service pack. Is there any reason that I should upgrade to the 2023 version? Are there benefits? Thanks in advance for your help.
  • QuickStart Guide/Trial

    Is there a quickstart guide and trial version for someone interested in trying out BusinessWorks?
  • Do 2023 W-2's need to be processed before updating the forms to file the 4th quarter 941?

    I wanted to file our 4th Quarter 941 report but I have not processed our w-2's yet. If I update the forms through Atrix will this affect w-2 processing? Should I wait until our w-2's are processed then update the forms?
  • BWAccess APV city state import

    I am importing an Accounts Payable Vendor to BusinessWorks. The file is a comma delimited file. The definition says to send city and state abbreviation a City, ST for example Hastings, MN. When importing, this adds the city as "Hastings" and the Zip code…
  • Data Migration from BuisnessWorks to Quickbooks

    Hello, I'm trying to migrate data from Sage BuisnessWorks to Quickbooks Enterprise. Is there someone that can help me with this?
  • How long does an upgrade take from BW 2021 to BW 2023?

    This weekend i upgraded our systems from BW 2021sp14 to BW 2023 sp2. But how long did it take? My system is network of 15 desktops running Win 10 and Win11, on Server 2016 ( Dell T550 with RAIDed SSD drives ) all gigabit network connections Our…
  • Income Statements

    I am trying to run my income statement and it is not capturing all the deposits that are going in. However I have successfully reconciled the account but the GL is off. What am I doing wrong?
  • printing a check from AP

    I'm relatively new to BusinessWorks 2023 and up until now haven't had to print a check! I entered the invoice in AP, included the check number. Then I went to print checks, but there's no information there. How the heck do I print a check??
  • Table Mapping

    What is the link between the OESalesOrder table and OELineItem. I'm pulling the data via ODBC and trying to identify the key between the two tables. Any insight or documentation you can direct me towards would be greatly appreciated! (BW 2019)
  • Sales Order Import

    I can import new Sales Orders however is it possible to leverage the import function to update existing sales orders? If so, where can I find information on how to accomplish? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  • What method do others use for automatic full back-up of BW?

    We recently discovered the remote back-up system we use has only been doing incremental back-ups of Businessworks. We have been told that full back-ups are necessary if we need to restore BW at some point. How are other users handling doing full back…
  • RE: Welcome to the new-look Sage City!

    I am I missing something, but the links to RESOURCES and the KNOWLEDGEBASE are missing now
  • We have a customer that requires separate invoices for 75% downpayment, and the remaining 25%. We use OE. Any ideas?

    Any way to do this without retyping each line and calculating?
  • Open Credit on Credit Card vendor

    Hello, My boss recently overpaid on the balance of the business credit card and I ended up putting the remainder into open credits so that our bank statement would balance. When I applied some of the open credit to an invoice, the next time Payroll…
  • Aloha from Hawaii! Help!

    New to Businessworks. Our fiscal close is on Oct. 31. Trial balance data is limited and is only showing me Oct. 2019 to current and nothing prior. How can I access this information?
  • Stumped by "running" BW while trying to apply BW2021 Sp10 to client PC, in a network

    Server 2016 network enviroment Server is running BW 2021 SP10 Client PC - Win 10 all updates Fresh restart / OFF for 10 hours (not sleep mode) - BW 2021 client installed from server Upon running the BW2021 SP10 updator on the client computer this…
  • Does anyone know how/when employee withholding for the new Oregon Paid Leave will be addressed?

    Will it be similar to the Oregon STT withholding? I missed the Oregon STT announcement. I'm just hoping to be prepared for this one.
  • Maintain Payroll Form | Custom Data Field

    I'm having issues with editing the paycheck form under Utilities- Maintain Payroll Forms. I need to create a new DBMemo/DBPipeline field to show the total hours worked by the employees. At present, the data field dropdown only has total regular hours…
  • Best Sage BusinessWorks successor

    We've been using Sage BusinessWorks for awhile now, but we're starting to have employees that need to access it more from outside the office. We are using a VPN and a terminal server for them to be able to do that, and it's working fairly well, however…
  • GL Codes in Vendor Inquiry don't show when I click on detail

    I upgraded to V2021 SP4 and since then I only get a one digit code when I click on detail to see the gl codes posted to on an accounts payable invoice entry. I used to get the gl codes. Keep in mind I went from 2019 to 2021. I can see the correct detail…