• Subcontractor List

    How do I create a report that will show me a summary balance total paid to a Vendor/Subcontractor in a specific time period ?
  • Report showing employee hours and wages

    I m looking for a report that shows employees hours and wages
  • Job Cost Report - Paid Status

    Hello, What is the best way to produce a report that shows the job costs that have been paid on a job? I would think you could produce a Job Cost Journal (6-1-2) and filter by the job and by status ("paid"), but it does not allow me to choose a status…
  • Pending Invoice Report

    Hi, can someone tell me how to generate a report for pending prime invoices?
  • 13-6-21 Report List shows "Apex Format" on some reports

    Running 13-6-21 is a listing of all reports in Sage. Some reports are showing "Apex Format". Never seen that before. What is this?
  • Purchase Order Audit report - no sales tax

    The purchase order audit report does not include the sales tax in the received columns, even though it has been inputted during accounts payable data entry against the PO. Can this be corrected?
  • Payroll

    What is the correct steps to run a payroll register for the year?
  • How to Create a Local Services (LST) Tax?

    How does one go about creating a Local Service Tax in Sage 100 Contractor? We operate out of Lancaster County in Pennsylvania and have been notified that in 2024 our township will levy a LST of $52.00 per year. We are told this should be withheld on a…
  • Report writing

    I am trying to write a report, i have a if then and select syntax. Does anybody know the correct code for the tmcdln.crtfid table/column I want the report to be able to select sum from the tmcdln.hrswrk based on a y in the tmcdln.crtfid column. …
  • Yr-to-date Gross Wage Calculation in Sage Contractor 100 Canadian Version

    How can I change the calculation for Yr-to-date Gross Wages on a pay stub to include Calculation Add ons? I've tried a few different calculations & modifications but can't seem to find the correct one, so on our pay stubs it's not reflecting the additional…
  • 6-1-4-81

    Does anyone know how to print report 6-1-4-81 per phase?
  • Report Formulas

    I would like to create a report that shows me vendors without an invoice during the past 15 months. I know I can create a condition each time for "last invoice date <= (date 15 months prior). Or create a condition based on input. Is there a way to create…
  • Sage 100 Contractor Canada Report Modifications

    We have purchased Sage 100 Contractor - Canada about a year ago. it was an upgrade from Sage 50. we had great support setting up Sage 100 and transferring our account information from Sage 50. the person used for this has since retired and we are…
  • Sage Estimating Report Layout Modification

    Hi, Is there a way to modify the layout of a report? I'm trying to print a "Bill of Quantities" report, but the data within the columns are getting truncated.
  • Total Compensation/Benefit Statement

    Can anyone tell me what benefit statements or compensation statements they use that they really like?
  • Job Cost Extra

    I setup a job cost extra. Job Cost > Setup > Extra. However, when I go to run the Job cost extra report the extra number I just setup does not appear. Why?
  • AP - Office Connector - Invoices Selected for Payment

    Can anyone line up the office connector reporting to the following report within AP AP --> Reports --> Invoice Regesiter --> Invoices Selected for Payment I would like to generate this report within Office Connector to have the information within…
  • Subcontractor Retainage billed through Procore.

    We are currently integrated with Procore, so all our subcontractor invoices are created in and synced from Procore to Sage, so we do not enter invoices manually. When our subcontractors bill their retainage, it creates a $0.00 invoice in Sage. Does anyone…
  • AP Post Invoices Report showing 1 Rejected

    How do I find out what invoice is not posting when I am getting Rejected Invoice on my posting report?
  • Editing direct deposit pay stubs.

    looking for some help on editing and creating reports.... for our direct deposit pay stubs it lists paygroup, hours, type (overtime or straight time) and total. we have several paygroup amounts which i would like to also show the $ amount per hour for…
  • Final lien waiver

    Is there a way to run a final lien waiver after final payment has been made to a vendor?
  • AIA Style Crystal report for Billing when using Procore.

    Apparently Procore send JC trans for Contract CO's and the current AIA style billing designs don't take that into account. So, the knowledge base article says to call sage professional services. They can't help until after Sept 12. Does anyone have a…
  • job cost

    I am looking for a job cost from 2017. When I go to look for it, I select new, current and history and there's no 2017 showing up in the system. It goes from 2014 to 2019. Can someone explain where I can find my missing job cost please?
  • AP Invoice aging doesn't agree with GL

    When I run report 4-1-3-21 as of June 30, 2023 the balances do not agree with my ap gl acct. When I run the report as of today it does. What would cause the "as of" report to be off?
  • Vendors being excluded from Insurance Audit Totals

    We are beginning a project in which our subcontractors are to be excluded from our insurance audit totals. Since these same subcontractors may be working on other projects for us that will be included in the audit totals, does anyone have a solution would…