• Contracts

    Moved all closed contract and found I have an old one with and incorrect "Cash Receipts" even through it was paid in full. How do i fix as this is years old so I can move to history.
  • AP Retainage Invoices

    Can we connect a retainage AP invoice to the original invoice that the retainage was being held from to clear out the balance? For example: Invoice # 1234 is for $1000 with a $200 retainage. We write a check to the vendor for $800. The vendor sends…
  • Change orders to Billing

    Is there a way to get my change orders to show up on a separate line in contract based billing? When i enter our totals in the billing module i would like to have the change orders listed separately.
  • Voiding a payroll check in a closed reconciled period

    I need to void several checks in Payroll for January and February to correct a local that was set up incorrectly. I think I just void them with a March accounting date and a new check date so as to not affect the closed months financials. Then I need…
  • Cost Code Changes

    What is the proper way to change a cost code from the original estimate? The original estimate was entered thru JC - Tasks - enter Estimates, as one amount now the PM wants to break out that one amount into multiple cost codes.
  • Payroll check not printing.

    I have an employee who's check is processed but will not print. It's a $0 check because it's all going to 401K but it should still complete the payroll process.
  • Convert A/R balance into a GL loan account

    Can you adjust a A/R balance directly into a GL Loan account thru the Adjust AR?
  • Setting up PA locals in Sage 300

    I went to the knowledge base to see how to set up the PA locals and I thought I did it correctly and now I am not so sure. This is our first-time having work in PA and it is very confusing. Anyone a pro at PA local's setups? I set up the resident local…
  • Fully Exempt Employee - Payroll Setup

    I have an employee who wants absolutely no taxes taken out of their payroll check. (Federal and Wisconsin) Can someone please let me know what I need to do on the employee setup to get to this result? I put '0' in the Exemptions box but he's still getting…
  • Record ACH payment under Manual/Print Quick checks

    My company has many ACH payments set up in our banking system so we have to record all those payments in Sage. I am the new to the company so I am not aware of the steps of how to record it. I have a couple of questions below. 1. Should I enter any…
  • Auto withdraw expense that goes towards a job.

    I'm doing the bank reconciliation. I have a fee that is withdrawn from our account, but it is for a specific job. How do I go about charging that fee to the job plus being able to clear it from my bank reconciliation. I hope someone can help.
  • Entering Payroll Time

    I enter my payroll time manually, can I enter time over the course of 2 days and not lose anything I have already entered
  • cashmanagement

    how do i void a outstanding withdrawl in cash management
  • How do I set up discount payment terms for A/R invoice?

    Hello, Is there a way to set up automatic discount when customer pays early in A/R base on payment terms? Thanks. Trang
  • Non intercompany errors, trial balances off

    Hello, im having a tough time figuring out how to fix an unbalanced trial balance. Trying my best to provide a detailed explanation of what happened. We have a few different companies within our system, and they are not intercompany accounts, if im…
  • Project Management

    Can someone direct me to a knowledgebase bulletin about entering approved change orders in PJ?
  • Bank Reconciliation

    First time to reconcile bank statement. Is there anything else I need to do after the statement is complete?
  • Recording bank interest

    I am new to Sage and have been cleaning up a big mess where I am working. Reconciling old bank statement. I know how to record interest in other programs but how do you record interest in Sage?
  • Out of State FWH PR Taxes

    We are located in Florida, and this is where our employees work, however, we have a few employees that their residence is in GA and they have to pay State Tax. We use a third party for processing checks and then import to sage, I need their checks to…
  • Accounts Payable Credit Memo

    I have an old Credit sitting on a Vendors account in A/P. How can I get rid of the CM, it was posting in error. Thank you
  • unapply AR invoices

    good day, how do i unapply AR invoices that is applied for July 2023 and January 2024 invoices Thank you Maphuti
  • Deducting retainage from a commitment

    I am needing to exhaust the retainage amount on a commitment. Any idea on how I go about doing that?
  • TS 5618

    Every time our A/P Clerk tries to change an invoice, she receives the TS 5618 (Invalid form field number) error upon moving from the main invoice table to the distribution grid. The article for TS 5618 applies to entering invoices, not changing them.…
  • Transactions hitting a suspense account

    I have a transaction hitting a suspense account. As far as I know when there is maybe a posting error sage will automatically post an amount to a suspense account? We dont post to a suspense account for anything. A check written out of one of our companies…
  • 401 K EE Contributions in both % & flat amounts

    Our company has set up a new 401K Safe Harbor Plan. They contribute 3% regardless of employee contribution. Employees are allowed to choose a flat rate per check or a percentage per gross pay. Do I need to set up two different Deducts with one being for…