• Allocating addons to bid items and exclude some

    I need assistance in allocating addons to bid items and want to exclude some items. Example, there are 50 bid line items and I want to exclude bid item 10, 15, 30 & 40 from the addon allocation.
  • Sage Estimating Database Editor on Remote Desktop / Terminal Server

    When using the Sage Estimating Database editor through Remote Desktop / Terminal Server the software is very slow and laggy. When using on our actual office network it does not have this issue. Any ideas why this is happening or how to fix?
  • Updating software from 17.3 to most current version

    Is there any issue with updating to 23.1 (SQL)from 17.3 (SQL)? Do we need to install an earlier version(s) and step up to 23.1? We have a new server and it is capable of supporting 23.1. Thank you Dean
  • Pervasive Estimating 9.7

    We added a new user to an existing pervasive estimating 9.7 and then we got the following error message A protection device or license is required to use Timberline applications The USB is installed and working on the station so Is there a quick…
  • Estimating addons Saved to template being duplicated on totals page

    Ever since we updated to version 23 we have been having issues with the addons that are already saved in the DB being asked to save again (duplicating) when saving the template. If we save these addons it creates new entries with new addons numbers. When…
  • Archiving Estimating Files

    Good day everyone Can someone please tell me the best way to archive estimating files, and store them on the hard drive to maybe retrieve later. I am thinking of storing the estimate by year and of course the Database would have to be store also.…
  • Sorting / moving estimate line item

    Hi, Is there a way or method to sort / move an estimate line item in the order which I want to? The estimate is sequenced to group the estimate under Bid Item. I want to move line number 14 to line 13 and vice versa.
  • Sage Estimating Report Layout Modification

    Hi, Is there a way to modify the layout of a report? I'm trying to print a "Bill of Quantities" report, but the data within the columns are getting truncated.
  • RS Means Cost Data

    Where can I download the 2023 RS Means 2023 Cost Data for Estimating? I cannot find it on my downloads page or in the KB.
  • Labor Productivity + Crews

    I'm wondering how labor productivity interacts with crews. If i change my crew from two resources to three, do i have to adjust my labor productivity to account for those added resources? I'd like my labor productivity to be calculated per "resources…
  • I'm noticing that when I go back to certain takeoffs in estimating that the bid item's data will be deleted even after saving... why??

    I'm noticing that when I go back to certain takeoffs in estimating that the bid item's data will be deleted even after saving... why?? I go back to an estimate, expecting to see the final bid amount, but often it is lower than what I remember. When…
  • Unable to retrieve data for estimate

    Error retrieving data for an estimate. Error: "Error Staging Data No data was returned by Sage Estimating. This could be caused if the estimate you selected is currently open (locked) in Sage Estimating. Close the estimate and then try again…
  • Can a SQL standard database be converted from 3 digit to 2 digit suffix?

    We have a legacy standard database that is set as a 3 digit phase code suffix, example 03000.000. We would like to convert it to a 2 digit suffix, example: 030000.00. I tried to merge a 2 digit and 3 digit but the merge routine rejected the operation;…
  • Decimal number unit price

    When I enter a unit price in an item details, i'm unable to enter a number with decimals, like 2,5. The software always round it up to 2. How can I fix that ?
  • Project file

    Sage Estimating version 20.2 Does anyone know if it is posssible to e-mail a project file to another Sage user without them have a copy of the database? And if so what files do we send and will they be able to open the file with there Sage Estimating…
  • Embedding images in shared estimate reports for Sage Estimating 20.1

    Hi all, I have been tasked with cleaning up some of the unknowns within Sage Estimating for our company. We are currently using the latest Sage Estimating 20.1 within Sage 300 CRE and since the update we have had some issues with our reports. The saved…
  • Reporting - General

    Hello, Does anyone know of some standard documentation or videos that comprehensively discuss the native reporting applications in Estimating 19.12? I'm putting together some training for Estimators in my company and I'd not like to recreate the wheel…
  • Are you able to print only item notes from an Estimate

    I'd like to create a print view of only line item notes (not the line items themselves). We're planning to use the notes field to generate specific instructions to outside contractors. Is this possible?
  • Is there a way to auto-generate a value in a new WBS code based on values in other WBS Codes?

    I have a field that I'd like to generate in Sage that is based on other manually entered values in Sage WBS codes. I could do this in excel utilizing a concatenate function, but I'd like to do it all in one place, if possible. Does anyone know if it's…
  • upgraded from 18.12 to 20.1 all report layouts show under layouts but they are all wrong

    We upgraded Estimating last night and now any report layout you choose the previous settings are gone
  • Management Console room for improvement

    Every time I open an estimate MC automatically puts me at the bottom of the tree. So if I have an estimate in company A and open it, after the estimate opens I am brought to the very bottom. If I wanted to open another estimate or estimates in that same…
  • Has anyone noticed Estimating performing slower when connecting to SQL Database with Windows 10 machine?

    Finding that the response of SQL Estimating is delayed when working with a Windows 10 machine (specifically when modifying a column with grouped items). Here is what we've tried/found so far: Working in an environment where the SQL Database is hosted…
  • DB Schema

    Hey, Where can i get a DB Schema for Estimating? Support doesn't offer one, which is crazy. I'm trying to track down what fields are where so we can do some analytics of the data. Thanks,
  • Bug in Release 20.1?

    Bug in Release 20.1? When I export a report, not all the spreadsheet columns are hidden by default. Most of them are, but the ones at the end of the spreadsheet are not. There is a complicated workaround where a new layout is created with all columns…
  • Estimate Security

    What are the options for estimate security? Currently, we are set to all estimators can view and edit all estimates. Is it possible to set estimate security by Role rather than by each individual estimate?