• Sage Fixed Assets version 2024.1 system requirements for SQL server 2016

    Hi, I am upgrading my Sage Fixed Assets Premier client this weekend from version 2022.1 to 2023.1 then 2024.1. The system requirements for version 2024.1 state MS-SQL server must be at SP3 but the client is only on SQL version 2016 SP2 will 2024.1 work…
  • Moving from Sage Fixed Assets 2016.1 Network to Single User 2024

    Looking to see what the options are for moving from Sage Fixed Assets 2016.1 Network to a single user installed on a single workstation of 2024. Just started working with a client and discovered they are running this version and its running on a Windows…
  • installation of sage fixed asset network edition 2024

    Hello , I was trying to download exe of sage fixed asset network edition 2024 but i am getting below message. I want to contact to sage support person, could you provide me support email so that i can discuss.
  • Updating Premier Fixed Assets To Version 2023.1

    Hello, I know there are instructions on the Sage website for updating Sage premier fixed assets from Version 2022.1 to 2023.1. I was wondering if anyone had instructions for this update if you’re not going through the Sage advisor, and are just updating…
  • Sage Fixed Asset 2017.1 Upgrade

    My Sage Fixed Asset is 2017.1. How can I upgrade to 2023.1? Is there any upgrade instruction? Thanks.