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My colleague and I just entered two new employees (separately) and both are having this issue. We both went through the new hire process with no issues. After finishing the process, we clicked on the payroll tab only to get a pop-up message that said "Employee not found in payroll" with no information in the tabs available and some tabs even greyed out (like EFT). Neither of us have ever had this issue even though we have both been entering new hires into HRMS for years. Any thoughts on what could be causing this and how to correct it?

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    There are a couple of articles in the Sage Knowledgebase.  I would suggest looking at Article ID 69900 - Error "Employee not found in payroll".  A possible cause listed is Employee configuration is not set up correctly or database setup steps need to tested/saved for Database Configuration, Employer configuration, Employee configuration and then save the employee in HR (for example find the employee in HR and click Save to push them over to the payroll module).

    Here is one of the resolutions:

    If classes are being used to link over to HR fields, make sure it is set up correctly in Employee Configuration.

    • From the Navigation pane select Setup, Payroll, Employee Configuration, select Profile ID, Class tab.
    • If the above did not resolve the message, continue with the following:
      • Save in modify employer (Setup, System, Modify employer) and then go to Setup, Payroll, save in Database Configuration, Employer Configuration, and Employee Configuration.
      • Go to employees demographic detail (or any detail in SageHRMS_Live) and click Save for each employee that was not found in payroll. Another option to try instead of saving in demographics is to run open payroll.