• How to enter Non Resident Maryland Tax

    We are based in Maryland and I have an employee that lives in Delaware. He requested we deduct Maryland State taxes from his paycheck and after checking with our accountant he advised us to withhold Maryland tax for a non-resident. I'm not sure how to…
  • NJ Taxes

    Hello, Anyone from NJ? I'm having an issue with NJ taxes calculating properly. Thanks
  • 401k Catch-up changes for 2024

    Starting in 2024, if the taxpayer has income of at least $145,000 for the year, the catch-up contribution must be treated as a Roth contribution . My Question: Will HRMS have an update that will handle this or is there something that I will need to…
  • WV new withholding tables effective 03/16/2023

    The state of West Virginia has released an updated State Income Tax Table, effective immediately. Will Sage HRMS Tax Tables be updated to reflect this change? https://governor.wv.gov/News/press-releases/2023/Pages/Gov.-Justice-announces-State-Tax-Department…
  • Paid Leave Act

    Is there going to be an adjustment to the way time off is accrued to comply with Illinois Paid Leave Act that will go into effect on January 1, 2024? Employees would earn one hour for every 40 hours worked until they reach a maximum of 40 hours per calendar…
  • Suggestion: Is there a reason as to why Colorado taxes are the same taken out when there are different specifications on the tax screen?

    Hello, I ran three mock calculations to see if it made a difference what amounts are set on the Colorado tax screen, but it looks like no matter how it is filled out, it always calculates the same. The first time I selected the W-4 form from 2019 or…
  • Hours worked in different states

    Is there a way in HRMS to distinguish hours worked in two different states for an employee?
  • Using Yearsold in the benefit rate table

    I know how to use yearsold in the benefit rate table when calculating an employees age based on the system date. I want to use the same but have it calculate the employee's age at a certain date. This employers benefits renew once a year and the age of…
  • Employee moving to a different state.

    Do I need to delete the prior state from his taxes tab within his profile? I don't see where I can expire the state withholding and SUTA.
  • Calculate payroll error- "The error returned was 1. GetTaxPtr-10".

    I am getting an error when calculating payroll- "The error returned was 1. GetTaxPtr-10". Does anyone know what this error is and how to resolve?
  • Retire/Tax Question

    Our employer retirement percentage changed for wages paid in January 2022. I made the change in Setup/Payroll/Earnings/Deduction Codes (Employer). The pre-check register shows the rate did not change. Is there another place that needs to be changed? Thank…
  • Attendance tracker

    Is there a way to set employees up in SAGE so the attendance points they gain can be tracked? Thank you.
  • Gross-Up Calculator error

    I have updated our HRMS software to Q3 last night. Today our Payroll employee needs to run a bonus check. Whenever she tries to do her normal process in Gross-Up Calculator she get the below error: An unhandled exception occurred while attempting to…
  • Multiple users running payroll

    We have 4 payroll groups that run through the same entity in HRMS with two users. We have discovered that if two payroll groups have calculated payroll and and one user processes time off, both groups accruals are processed. This has resulted in duplication…
  • WA cares fund

    Is there anything in the works for the new Washington Care Fund that is coming out at the start of next year? Dalynda
  • Calculate Payroll Errors

    Is there a way to add the employee number to the error codes that are generated from the Calculate Payroll process?
  • Social Security Tax

    Was there a change that employer are now supposed to make the matching contribution of social security taxes on Covid wages paid?
  • Mass Add earning code to all timecards

    Does HRMS allow for mass add earning code to all timecards? Example, instead of going into each ee's timecard to add the holiday code, is there a way to just add it to all timecards? Thanks!
  • Calculating State & Unemployment Tax

    Does Sage have a resource that tells me how to set-up earning & deductions for state tax and unemployment tax? I'm having trouble finding information on what wages & deductions are taxable. Thanks!
  • EPSL wages

    Wondering how other companies are handling EPSL wages only and pretax deductions? Also EPSL wages with regular wages and pretax deductions? Thanks
  • Is there a way to estimate federal & state taxes without running a payroll?

    I have a new employee who would like an estimate on what his take home pay will be. He is using standard calculations for federal and state taxes. Is there a way to give him a good estimate? Thanks!
  • Federal taxes

    I noticed when switching an employee to the new W-4 in HRMS that the federal taxes are taking out a lot less than when they had the 2019 or earlier version, would that not be close to the same if nothing else changes? Lindy

    I am reaching out to anyone that is similar to us or even understands the set up of attendance. We are on HRMS from abra suite and since our implementation our attendance is not working. Our staff accrues Vacation and PTO based on hours worked up to…

    So if there is another company out there that pays out leftover vacation at the end of the year payroll - please tell me do you code it as "vacation" or as a "bonus"????? I have been coding it as "vacation" because to me it isn't a bonus. To me it's…
  • Extra tax being withheld on non taxable, Disaster Relief earnings

    I have added a new earnings code for Sec. 139, Disaster Relief. Per the IRS, it is not taxable income. I did not include any taxes when creating the earnings code. When I calculate payroll, it doesn't withhold any taxes, EXCEPT for those employees who…