Hello guys, 

I hope you are well. 

I made some researches but surprisingly, i didn't find any answer.

In the table PORDERQ, do you know, how the field  RETRCPDAT is populated and what its purpose ? 

Many thanks for your help, 

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    Hello Marcow, 

    How can I check if the RETRCPDAT  comes from MRP calculations or Sales order delivery date ? 


    When I analyse the RETRCPDAT data, for the same product, the difference in days is the same between the RETRCPDAT and the order date for all the POs. Therefore I get the impression that the RETRCPDAT is Order date + a lead time which means it should come from MRP calculations. If it's true, how can I change the product's lead time


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    Hello Nicolasson,

     RETRCPDAT comes from Sales order when you are using back to back order fonctionality 

    MRP define RETRCPDAT and then with LT (Purchase LT on ITEM-SITE table)  the system assign order date (Order date = RETRCPDAT-LT).  in ORDERS table, type="POS" you will find STRDAT = ORDER date ENDDAT = expect receipt date and MRPDAT = Requirement Date (if empty ENDDAT=requirement date)