2023R2 GRAPHQL Customization Capabilities Documentation or Training



In the new 2023R2 release of SAGE X3 we can find information about the new GRAPHQL capabilities for customation or extensability, like:

Add-on packages for Sage X3 API dictionary

You can create new add-on packages in the dictionary for customizing and extending the Sage X3 GraphQL API.

Packages help you manage your extensions securely and can be associated with activity codes. Packages can be extensions of other packages.

Declare scripts through the Sage X3 API dictionary

To run a wide range of operations, you can declare Sage X3 scripts, or subprograms, as GraphQL operations attached to a GraphQL entity through the Sage X3 API dictionary.

See the online help and training resources for more details on the Sage X3 GraphQL API.

Automatic generation of GraphQL node definitions

GraphQL API schemas are described in the Sage X3 metadata dictionary. You can easily extend standard APIs, including customizations, and create new queries and operations.

The API menu contains all the links needed to view or extend the Sage X3 GraphQL APIs: packages, data models, node bindings, binding dictionary, and operations.

After updating SAGE X3 we can find the new menu options for Development API, but no documentation from there, through the normal online help.

The only existing information is the release notes, but no help or how to, or even what's new we can find!

2023 R2 (12.0.34) | Sage X3 (sageerpx3.com)

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    Hi Martins,

    I thought based on your questions here you may be interested in attending a short course on implementing Graph QL.

    There is one being held Feb 19/20 through Sage University. There you can ask specific questions to what you are trying to accomplish, as well as receiving documentation on Graph QL. Please visit Sage University to enroll.