• Question about translating Administration module.

    Hi, Reference used: - Where to locate the locales for languages - https://online-help.sagex3.com/erp/12/howtoguides/en-US/legislations/Add%20a%20non%20standard%20language/Content/How-to%20guides/Legislation/Add%20a%20non-standard%20language/T1%20Add…
  • Order number on Open Items panel

    I'm trying to display the order number from either the SINVOICED or SINVOICEV table in the "Open Items" left panel for A/P-A/R accounting payments. I have it all setup, but the value is always <empty>. I know there is data that could be displayed, it…
  • Creating Buttons in Sage X3 Screens

    I need to create a button on the screens, but in Sage X3, I only found small icons. Is there a way to create it?
  • Navigation Menu Blank White Screen after importing a Functional Profile to a New Profile

    I setup an Import Template for Function profile because I needed to do a mass update of site-grouping without losing the options. I exported a functional profile, made changes including to replace the x3 code of the profile to the new code and the import…
  • Customer BP Invoice Function , Field (TAX) allows for display/input.

    Hi Sage X3 Folks! Can the 'Tax' be inputted/edited in the Customer BP invoice? I am not sure about this process. I already changed the input to enter, but still no luck. Any of you know this process?
  • ZONSUI no works

    Hi I try to use zonsui to move cursor in a grid. In After modif subprog field, I added zonsui = "NAMEFIELD", about another field from grid. This optioon no works. I try too zonsui = "NAMEFIELD("+num$(nolign-1)+")" , but no works too. Version…
  • Unknown warning upon login - Access to the ERPMAN badge(s) has not been granted

    Hello, One of our user groups randomly started experiencing this warning upon logging in. Does anyone know a fix? Thank you, Zoey
  • Setting Zones in Sage X3

    Hey All, My company has purchased a wave picking function in Datalinx. During our first brainstorming session we've brought up Zones(zoning our warehouse). We believe we need to set zones as we go down this road. Problem is where to start? My question…
  • Object ITM > ITMBPS

    Good morning I am trying to link ITMBPS to ITMMASTER in the object ITM. However there doesn't seem to be any link that works with any of the indexes. I tried this [F:ITM]ITMREF;"", and of course it did not work. Does anyone have any ideas?
  • SAGE X3 L4G

    hello how to "grizo" a screen before using the creation that means after creation the screens will never have "grizo" and Thank you very much
  • Question on importing 100 function profile's functional authorization

    Hi, I would like to update 100 function profile's functional authorization. I developed an import template (based on AFP and GESAFP; I did something on AFP object to allow import) but I got this error for special supervisor functions like: AIMP or…
  • Printed Invoice Template Update

    We have a line at the bottom of our invoice about our terms that needs to be updated on our invoices that are printed and sent to customers. We are using Sage X3 and cannot figure out where to go to update that template.
  • Authorization Option Definition

    Hello, I am trying to write a query that will show all of the access a given user has and what level of access. I am trying to determine where the option codes are defined but have not been able to do so. Any help in figuring this out would be much…
  • Creation of Purchase order print code in sage x3

    Hi, I want to create new Purchase Order Print code.
  • Graphical Query tool - selection criteria based on Expression

    Trying to create a query based on items that are out on loan to customers. My query includes an Expression calculation based on what has been delivered to a customer minus what has been returned. So using two tables QTY on SORDERQ-RETURND, therefore…
  • CONSCPT: Increase results characters

    Hi team, I am running function CONSCPT (Account inquiry) but am getting fewer results compared to date range I have set e.g. am inquiring data between 01st Jan 2023 - 31st Dec 2023 but only 50 results are displayed of Jan - Feb and output capacity is…
  • rename file

    Hello, I would like to be able to rename a file in [TMP]. I know I can do it with renameFile(PATH,PATH1) Except the file name is random, let's say : IMPORTME2024 and I want to rename it IMPORTME I tried a lot of stuff like this for exemple but it…
  • add field in receipt with stored information product.

    Hello, Please i'm traying to add field to receipt line document with designation 3 information product. Can someone help me please?!
  • Difference of Table Fields and Screen Field

    Hi All, I have been using table fields to upload and connect it to its respective screens while working on an import template. But in address tab it uses "Screen fields" Does anyone understand the purpose or difference between the following fields…
  • Last Receipt

    Looking for an explanation on what "Last Receipt" field means in detailed stock?
  • Renaming of report's name that is attached in email based on the parameters set by the users

    Hi everyone, The current report name in the email : jobrpt_YNA-CUSSTA2.pdf (The YNA-CUSSTA2 is the name of the report) Expected report name: if the user selects one business partner : SOA_BusinessPartnerName.pdf If the user selects more than one…
  • Rich Text Format > Email Notification

    Good day Everyone I am trying to make an email notification trigger (not the problem this time) and one of the fields is formatted to RTF. Therefore when the system sends the email it includes the RTF formatting. Is there anything I should be putting…
  • Is it possible to change a field title in Sage X3?

    Is it possible to change a field title in Sage X3?
  • Stock Count for Empty locations

    Hello, I am trying to include empty locations in my location count but it doesn't seem to work. I have tried using a 'Locations' count formula of "[F:STC]OCPCOD = 1" but it still doesn't work. Is there a way to include empty locations in an annual stock…
  • What is the standard cost applied?

    Hello, I am building and SQL query with itm ref and standard cost. We use simple manual standard cost (FY, dates and cost). I can join ITMFACILIT and ITMMVT, but what is the ITMMVT register applied to the aricle-site?