• Crystal Reports - CurrentMonth

    Hello, I have a report using the field {SO_SalesOrderHeader.ShipExpireDate}. I need that field to equal the current month, similar to CurrentDate. For instance, if the query was {SO_SalesOrderHeader.ShipExpireDate} = "thecurrentmonth" it would return…
  • Partial payments showing on invoice

    When I apply a partial payment or a credit to an invoice, how do I get it to show the remaining balance due on the invoice? It will only pull up the original invoice that was created and unless I print a statement showing all the open invoices there is…
  • Accounting Audit

    We are being asked by our accounting auditor to provide the PO/PR change log report (All Changes /amendments/ deletion during audit period Also Change log report for creation /modification of GRN He was telling my asst controller that other…
  • Inventory Valuation - Kits

    we are using BOM to build Kits which sell multiple items that we drop ship. The Kit item that is created is to hold the inventory of how many of the child items that can be sold. when we receive a sales order for the kit item. it explodes correct and…
  • Reprinting Receipt of Goods Documents

    Hello, My colleague received in a order from one of our vendors however, he did not print out all the documents needed for me to fulfil our backorder. Is there a way to reprint the Receipt of Goods Register and the Back Order Fill Report that would…
  • A/R PrePayment Report

    Is there a report available that will print just the transactions that are noted with the Invoice Type as "PrePayment" if there is an open balance?
  • Auto Generate PO from SO's

    We run this task daily and are coming across some inconsistencies. It appears when purchasing runs this task (we run it per vendor no), it will generate the purchase report, then they will generate the PO after reviewing the report maybe 2-5 minutes later…
  • Check transmittal template

    I would like the Check Transmittal to print by Invoice number (lowest to highest) rather than by invoice amount (lowest to highest). Does anyone know how to do this?
  • Salesperson Commission Report debit memo

    Hello.. this one is a totally new one, never have dealt with commission report. Sorry if the question might be to vague because not how to state it. So why doesn't the commission rate show on report for a debit memo... for one salesperson he was a…
  • Purchase History Explore / Report question

    I have a question regarding how to look at bits of data from a certain vendor. Using the explorer views we are trying to figure out how to find a certain item from a certain vendor and how much we paid for the individual item for the past 5 years.
  • Receipt of goods is not asking to print all reports

    Receipt of goods is not asking to print all reports it is just automatically printing the Goods register and the Daily Transaction register. It is not printing or offering to print the back order register. If do a preview it does ask to print all but…
  • Scheduling IRP's to run in the evening

    We have to schedule 4 different IRP types to run in the evening. Can this be done under Library Master > Task Scheduler? And how can we schedule them?
  • Missing reports after migration

    After migrating. to a new server, all the custom reports are missing. The reports are in the company directory\reports but do not show up when selecting the report in the modules. I can manually re-add them, but this is time consuming. Any suggestions…
  • facing a problem managing distribution instructions

    I need your kind help please, I am facing a problem managing distribution instructions for Sage reports, I believe it is a common problem and you have had it before, do you have any advice on how to fix it please. Hiding part of the screen.
  • Using AP PII information in Custom Crystal Report

    How to display AP PII information in a Crystal Report?

    Hello all again, I've been getting some very good advice here lately, thank you all! I create a custom report in the "Item List" that includes "Total Quantity On Hand". The issues I have is when the report shows a negative qty, however the Item Detail…
  • Contract amount

    Is there a report that will pull the contract amount for jobs? I need the contract amount for a group of jobs vs what has actually been invoiced/paid.
  • Past IA Transactions

    Is there a way to view past IA transactions in detail and not just the GL accounts that are being hit? Is there anymore detail available than the information below?
  • Crystal Report - Text not visible

    I am working customizing Quote Forms using crystal reports and we have a standard text on each specific quote. This standard text will not show up on the sage preview. It is like somewhere in the report its blocking a view in some of the groups. Any Ideas…
  • Purchases Clearing Report Mission

    I am on a mission to shrink our PC report, branching off of this post I made previously, https://communityhub.sage.com/us/sage100/f/unique-business-challenges/211318/drop-ship-po-s-in-purchases-clearing . After speaking with AP they stated some of our…
  • Hiding Invoice line items

    Hello, We have invoices that display unneeded line items which confuses the customer. Is there a way in Crystal or Sage to hide those line items when printing out invoice
  • How to print a batch of Purchase Orders filtered by Date?

    Hello - I'm trying to print all the purchase orders made on a specific date - but the "Purchase Order Printing" module has no filter currently for date. Is that something I can add myself? Or does anyone know of another way I could accomplish this? …
  • Table that stores monthly "beginning qty"

    Hi guys, Would you please lend me your hand in finding the table that stores beginning qty (and also value) for inventory? Basically, i'm trying to replicate the "5.History" tab in Inventory Inquiry. I've looked into IM_PeriodPostingHistory, IM_ItemWhseHistoryByPeriod…

    is there a payroll report to use for the annual OSHA 300 report that excludes hours and wages for vacation hoildays and sick days
  • Sales Order User tracking

    Hello, Our Ops Mgr. Is looking for a report or log that shows users activity with sales order? Like a audit trail, trying to eliminate S/O errors and trying to determine who is making them. Thank you!!