Web client of bank rec not displaying a full list of outstanding items

the classic client shows withdrawals outstanding past cheque 189 but the web client stops at 188.  Note that the yellow highlights show that I have the same selection criteria.  The green highlights indicate that the web client knows that correct total of outstanding withdrawals but isn't showing a complete list ot be able to clear items past cheque 189  Has anyone seen this issue before and know a resolution?

  • I know this might seem like an odd question, but are you definitely logging into the same company on the Web Screens?  I have been using the Web Screens quite a lot and haven't experienced this issue.  The other things you could try:

    • Web screen is locked - try refreshing the app pool to log everyone out of web and log back in (hopefully as a one-off fix).
    • Log into the classic client on the web server and check you see the same data.

    Aside from wrong data or needing to refresh the Bank Services web screen, I haven't any other ideas on this one sorry.  Please report back what you find Blush

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    I've managed to replicate this issue when there's  2000> outstanding transactions. It has been reported as a bug however has yet to be acknowledged as such. A potential workaround would be to reduce the number of outstanding transactions by e.g. doing and posting smaller reconciliation batches. 

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    Nice discovery Dawie, I hadn't run into this bug yet and it sounds like it would have spun my head around once encountered!    remember you can re-post a bank rec as many times on the same day, following day, following week etc during a period as you want - you just can't go backwards in time.  So a practical interim solution might be to only move the statement balance forward a week or a few days, clear transactions until the balance is zero, post the bank rec to clear those transactions, move the statement balance forward another week, clear another weeks worth, and repeat until you have the outstanding entries < 200.  Then do more regular bank recs (maybe weekly) and post them, not allowing a build up until the bug is solved.  Just a thought.

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    I was suspect that it was related to the # of transactions because I have never run into this before and this client has more cheque detail then most as they are not a heaving user of EFT yet.    I have replicated the problem with 417 o/s cheques - Web client only shows the first 80 but the classic client shows all 417.  Any advice on how I would get into the loop if a patch is made?

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    yes good point  - for now I think i will have them do bank rec's in classic client.  Not exactly building confidence in web client interface to bank rec.

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    Once acknowledged as a bug, I don't believe it will regarded as a critical issue and therefore no HotFix. In such instances, the fix will normally form part of a regular Product Update with detail to be included in the relevant release notes.

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    Well, for our Web-screen only clients, we have to hope they don't encounter this issue anytime soon! Pray