Mark invoice as paid



I am stumped. We paid an invoice for a trailer (Fixed Asset) with an American Express card. We pay monthly and once the payment comes out of the cash account we download the statement and allocate it to the correct account. I am needing to apply one payment made with the credit card towards an Invoice but it wont let me do it within the  journal entry. 

How would I get around this? Is there a way to associate the invoice with the payment?

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    This depends on how you are entering the credit card statement now but sounds like you are just entering it as an AP bill.  If that is the case, I would go into Payments like you are paying by check and check it off as paid, then go to the Apply to Expense tab and enter the amount as a negative number in there and pick a GL account to code it to, you would typically have a credit card payable account in the current liabilities.  Then when you get the statement, you would enter that line item back against the credit card payable or whatever GL account you used to apply the payment against and it would net out and you would be set.  [email protected]