There is an auto generated GL call system cost of Good sold. Pls what went wrong to cause this? Kindly help.. Secondly, how to i create business location in sage 50 2013 Quantum? Thanks for your kind response
  • How do I transfer a credit balance from one customer to another?

    one customer with multiple stores, wants a credit balance from one their accounts to another
  • Bogus GL account reporting 0.00 Even though it's mapped correctly.

    While correcting an improperly coded check, a slip of the finger accidentally created a bogus GL account. Even though it is mapped to the correct expense, it changed every transaction to 0.00 all the way back to 2011! The balances were hundreds of thousands…
  • Error message: Transaction can't be adjusted because the transaction date occurred before the previous year

    I need to view AP records for the past 10 years. If it's in adj invoice mode, I can copy the AP entry comments, which I need to copy to excel. I am not going to change any records. Is this possible?
  • Owner contributions via inventory

    I divided my company into 2 product segments and created a new company with a new capital partner. My contribution was through inventory (Raw materials, resale, and finished goods). This is a manufacturing company. On my initial contribution my employee…
  • Mark invoice as paid

    Hello, I am stumped. We paid an invoice for a trailer (Fixed Asset) with an American Express card. We pay monthly and once the payment comes out of the cash account we download the statement and allocate it to the correct account. I am needing to apply…

    Hi Why still seeing invoices in my aged payables if the check is already void? How can I resolve this situation? Thanks
  • COGS is calculating astronomical numbers

    At the Beginning of year an automatic entry was posted with reference: SysCost Jrnl: INAJ This entry adjusted the cost of several inventory Items. This resulted in astronomical amounts in both the income statement COGS accounts and Balance Sheet Inventory…
  • apply a payment to a closed year

    I have a customer who wants to make payment on some past due invoices that are now in closed years. I don't know how to credit them or at least make the past due amounts go away so they stop showing on my accounts receivable report.
  • Customer ID Error

    The Customer ID that was automatically created already exists in Sage 50--Error How to fix this? John Z.
  • memorized sales invoice number

    I'm not sure how this happened - there are invoice numbers assigned to a few memorized sales invoices that I would like to remove. Can this be done?
  • Open the previous posting period

    How can we open the the previous period if it is already close because we need to edit or add some data in that period
  • double payment

    My vender sent me a payment for 5 invoices due, two different days via wire transfer. I notified them and now they want a credit note but the invoices have been paid. How do I create a credit note for them since the goods were not returned?
  • Closed Fiscal Year - ReOpen?

    Our accountant filed an extension for 2022 tax filing and did not give me adjusting entries for fiscal year 2022 until after I closed the fiscal year. Is there a way to reopen the closed year? Accountant says dating them 1/1/23 isn't right
  • Receiving Inventory Items

    We recently updated to Sage Quantum Accounting 2024. During this process, we also replaced our accounting server with a new one, as well as made some upgrades to our network. Ever since, when our warehouse guys receive items from purchase orders, the…
  • Remove invoice from AR Aging

    We have an incorrect invoice in our Accounts Receivable system from 2022. The invoice was created without an invoice number. I would like to create a credit invoice to remove it from the aging, but since it does not have an invoice number, it does not…
  • A/R key off issue

    is there a way to key off a number of debit and credit items under one customer that did NOT arise from sales or cash receipts
  • convert from accrual to cash

    convert from accrual to cash
  • Sales invoice

    How do I delete a sales invoice in a year thats been closed. I've tried changing the system date and period date but that doesn't work.
  • Adjusting Retained Earnings Account

    In 2021, 2 member equity accounts were not classified correctly to close at year end. As a result, the trial balance was off in 2022 but the accountant never caught this and corrected it when the income taxes were being done in 2022. Now the current…
  • I have a customer account that the system created a credit for the customer. I would like to delete the credit.

    I have a customer account that the system created a credit for the customer. I would like to delete the credit. It was put in wrong.
  • Old Invoices Showing Back Up in System

    I suddenly have had invoices from 2017 show back up in my A/R as open invoices (unpaid). These invoices were paid and cleared out the system a long time ago. I ran a data test and it acknowledged there were errors and "resolved them"; however, they still…
  • Returned a customer prepayment for a demo product, but instead of debiting customer deposits, we debited A/R for that customer.

    Returned a customer prepayment for a demo product, but instead of debiting customer deposits, we debited A/R for that customer. 2 year old invalid aging report for this customer. How to correct with GL entry & be able to affect that customer A/R?
  • Past invoice

    I have a invoice on a customer account from 2021. The invoice is blank and with that it says he owes the money. With a blank invoice I can't go in and pay it.Also, being it is from 2021 I can't delete it. How can I fix this. I have other customer accounts…
  • general ledger out of balance

    Received error message when printing financial statement "general ledger is out of balance." How can I post a one-sided entry to correct?