Employee Records-Filing Exempt Local Payroll Tax

Hello- we created Oregon as a local payroll tax.  Oregon allows our employees to file exempt as we are a in a reciprocal state.  How do I enter the employee tax withholding as exempt?  I have attempted to enter Sage 5-2-1 with marital status and exempt 99 but it continues to deduct Oregon taxes on their paycheck calculations.  

Here is how it is currently set up.  I also tried to omit a tax rate, but the calculated paycheck continues to deduct Oregon payroll tax.  

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    Hi Annie. This Help Topic regarding computing state withholding using reciprocal tax rules may help answer your question. This feature was added in version 24.1. This is a URL for version 25.2 help, so if you have a lower version, then change the 25_2 part of the URL to match your version. You can also just search the Help using keyword "reciprocal".