• Allocating addons to bid items and exclude some

    I need assistance in allocating addons to bid items and want to exclude some items. Example, there are 50 bid line items and I want to exclude bid item 10, 15, 30 & 40 from the addon allocation.
  • New Estimate Catalog

    I have mixed feeing about the revision. The biggest thing i do not like and can't seem to adjust is, when I open an estimate, the Estimate Catalog stays in my way and i have to manually close it. That is annoying. Has anyone figure out hoe to auto close…
  • Sage Estimating Report Layout Modification

    Hi, Is there a way to modify the layout of a report? I'm trying to print a "Bill of Quantities" report, but the data within the columns are getting truncated.
  • Sorting / moving estimate line item

    Hi, Is there a way or method to sort / move an estimate line item in the order which I want to? The estimate is sequenced to group the estimate under Bid Item. I want to move line number 14 to line 13 and vice versa.
  • Can't delete an unwanted addon

    I hit a toggle of some sort unintentiolly. Now in my Totals window there is an addon that says "Total with included alternates". This shows up when I print reports & I don't want it there. I can't delete the addon from the Totals and I can't change the…
  • Isn't this KB article saying we can create a list of Contacts sorted by Categories?

    Can someone explain how to get a Company List by Trade? The KB says, " display a list of all contacts in the Address Book database, according to contact type". Then it lists those -Search By- Categories. One of them is 'By Trade'. I can't find a way to…
  • Resouce Hours in estimating spreadsheet total page

    Can the total hours from each resources be shown in the standard spreadsheet totals Page ? Currentyly need to run the crew analysis report to get this info.
  • Is there a way to add a custom column that you can then add to your lay out?

    Is there a way to add custom columns that you can then add to your layout? For Example I want to create a column that tells you the crew size. It would be simple math if the columns can be customized. Is this possible? Please note I'm not asking how…
  • Totals Page - View Separate Equipment - Rental from In-House?

    Is there a way to set up the Total Page to show separate Totals and Markups for each Equipment Subcategory? I use 'Range' to set up markups for the Subcategories, but I want a quick view of the breakdown of the Equipment Total between the different subcategories…
  • Travel Hours in Estimating

    How are people dealing with travel hours (related to estimating)
  • Highlighted notes in spreadsheet reports

    I have some notes highlighted with a certain colour to show its importance, then when I go to the spreadsheet report, nothing is highlighted. Is there a way to show this? I know I can create a background colour for the entire notes column, but if certain…
  • How do you add a grand total in estimate separate from the "totals page"?

    Is there a way to add a Grand Total to an estimate that is separate from the "Totals Page"? I have my "Totals Page" set up how I like it, but I would like to have a Grand Total number in the estimate before the "Totals Page"
  • Is there a way to turnoff the (counterclockwise) backout feature?

    Etakeoff is unique with this feature however with older estimators its difficult to tell them they have to do their takeoffs differently than they have for years. It also slows down their production especially when they second guess their accuracy based…
  • How to unlink/unlock/turn off unit column?

    How to unlink/unlock/turn off unit column? IE Material Price should show up but not Material price unit. I'm looking for this in multiple categories. I'm trying to recreate the layout we need to interface with our accounting software. Sage Estimating…
  • Estimating

    We have upgraded to sage squal and are using the estimating to JC transfer. On pervasive, we had a report that would tell you your exact errors that will not transfer - I cannot seem to find a report like that now. Is there a canned report that will…
  • Totals Page Templates-Format Command-Not Saving v18.12

    Totals Page/s: Format-Save. Has anyone on 18.12 been able to successfully save a Totals Page Template where the Format option was used to Align Text, Font Size/Color, etc.? My templates save with basic formatting like; reordering the predetermined Headings…
  • SQL18.12 Address Book: Where did they hide 'Search by Trade?

    This is my #1 search function. Has anybody discovered it's location? It was prominent in Pervasive, but is hidden or has been removed in sql. Jumping back to Pervasive is not going to work forever. Thanks.
  • Delete Person in the Address Book?

    Delete Person in the Address Book? Anyone been successful in deleting a Person from the AB in SQL? Apparently it can be done. However in practice....? Follow this LINK to the KB article.
  • Estimate Templates?

    Is there a way to create a template for estimates so that i don't have to add all the items each time i start a new estimate?