MACRS Convention Switch - how long can it take?


We have an almost-last-minute switch to midquarter for MACRS. There are about 8,000 asset additions and I have completed about 250 transfers and 800 disposals (with more to go). I started the switch to midquarter yesterday, so it has been running for 24 hours now. I am on a VPN and do not have the ability to be directly on the network. It was slow going yesterday but the bar was moving (turning green). After 6 hours it was at about 90% and has been that way ever since. Is it stuck? Or is this normal with the amount of assets and I just need to keep waiting?

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    Hello Elizabeth,

    Is it stuck? I would look at the Task manager and see if the program is taking up any CPU time. If that is a flat zero, then the process is no longer doing anything, and you could safely end the task on the program.

    Since you are connected via VPN, I could not say whether that is normal or not. Connecting through a VPN is not supported and the performance where it took 6 hours to get to 90% I would say was rather normal, but if the program is not currently taken any CPU time, then the process halted, likely due to some communication issue, and ending the task would be the only course to take at this point.

    Well, that and finding a client local to the server to complete this process.