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For whatever reason our system was setup for negative stock of many components, and I just realized that there are a lot of people entering in pending issues transactions (lot managed products) for years. Is there any way to bulk get rid of them. I don't seem to even be able to clear pending issues from certain work order tracking that are in previous fiscal period from open work orders. 

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    First change the setup on all your product to stop using negative stock (aka pending movements).

    I guess the best way ito fix the situation is to create the 'missing stock' and adjust the pending movement.

    The process could be like:

    1. Extract STOJOU records with UPDCOD = 1 with all necessary information to be able to run a misc. recipt import later on
    2. Enhance the extraction with a price to value this stock (current standard cost?)
    3. Use the functions IMPORTV3 or AIFIMPGENFIC (or manual actions) to format the extraction in a file matching the expected formato for misc. receipt
    4. Import the file while activating Autoprocess shortages (in GESSTE)
    5. Run the stock interface

    => Pay attention to all the posting this will trigger. Be sure to test this on a test environment before and involve your partner to assess any impact on your customizatio, reporting, etc.

    It's tempting to go for the easiest way: just flip the field UPDCOD from 1 to 2 but if you do that you need to know that the stock will have no cost, no traceability and side effects are unpredictable (e.g. what if you try to delete or change the issue movement afterwards?). Unless anyone as actual experience to share proving this is a good approach, I would go for the safe approch using stock import.

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    Thank you for the suggestion. I'll play around with stock import and auto processing, do you think that will work on pending issues on transactions from closed periods? Also I am tempted to simply flip that updcod flag because side effects might not affect us and most transactions are from closed periods I can't modify anyways - without possibly reopening them?

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    Did it worked?
    I expect the suspended transactions would be possible on closed period but the posting would be done on the 1st opened period. But I have never tested this configuration.