• Credit card receipt error

    I encountered an error while attempting to post a credit card receipt. Does anyone know the solution?
  • Query_shard_exception elastic search

    I have this error when i search wit elasticsearc 8.13 on sage x3 2023.r2. can you help me? note i have modified nodeloca.js with: hostname: "localhost", port: 9200, indexSetting: {number_of_shards: 1, number_of_replicas: 0, max_regex_length: 10000…
  • Clearing 'In-transit' stock

    When using the Intercompany / Intersite flow, the Purchase Order correctly created a Sales Order and the user did a Delivery for the goods from the Sales site. On the Purchasing site however, the goods were received against the Purchase Order instead…
  • Process Manufacturing - Tracking without a Work Order

    I'm undertaking a bit of a study of the production tracking approaches that can be employed that are without reference to a work order. I believe this approach is designed for process manufacturers that don't have a series of distinct jobs but rather…
  • Sage X3 as a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)

    With the recent inclusion of the Preventative Maintenance module to X3 it seems to me that X3 is now ticketing all the boxes that organizations would want to see when purchasing a CMMS system. Based on my research prospects that are looking for a CMMS…
  • Error Deleting BP (Supplier)

    When I try to delete a BP (Supplier) , I encounter the error below. Upon investigation, I discovered a record in the BALANCE table. How can I find the screen related to the BALANCE table in Sage X3 or delete the records from Sage X3?
  • Version Control Items - Question on Sales Order Allocations

    When you have a finished good item that is version controlled the system will allow you to input a sales order where the major and minor version of the item that the customer desires can be specified. If you have multiple versions of the item on hand…
  • CRUD Operations using SOAP on sage x3

    Hi All, I was trying to delete a record from sage x3 using SOAP web service but I cannot see any online example of deleting through SOAP. Can we delete a record using SOAP web service from sage x3 ? If yes, can anybody please provide me with an example…
  • Customer BP Invoice Function , Field (TAX) allows for display/input.

    Hi Sage X3 Folks! Can the 'Tax' be inputted/edited in the Customer BP invoice? I am not sure about this process. I already changed the input to enter, but still no luck. Any of you know this process?
  • When creating a credit memo for a return

    When we are creating a credit memo for a return for a customer, we are receiving the following error message:
  • Editing the Sales Rep on a posted Invoice

    Is there a way to edit a posted invoice's sales rep?
  • Reopen a sales order that was closed by accident

    We have a sales order that was closed by accident. Partly delivered, partially invoiced. Is it possible to reopen this somehow?
  • Supplier cannot be edited on Purchase Order

    Hi, I'm trying to update the purchase order to change the supplier, but it won't let me. Am using Sage x3 Version 12.
  • I am not able to delete the pick ticket.

    I have created a delivery and validated it. Then, I went to 'Modification of Issue' and changed 'TO SHIP' to 0. After deleting the delivery, I am not able to delete the pick ticket.
  • re-open work order

    is it possible to reopen a closed work order? we entered incorrect values and closed accidentally.
  • Creating Multiple Invoices for Combined PO Shipments

    I can combine multiple POs into one shipment. However, one shipment will result in one invoice. I need to find out a way to create multiple invoices for each of their POs.
  • FUNBENCHR - What is the best way to return an item consumed 3 levels under the current Work Order?

    Hi everybody! I Have in the most of the cases, semi-finished goods inside other semi-finished goods and then the finish good. Imagine a scenario that i have this kind of BOM: Product A : Finished good 1 x Product B : Semi finished good 1…
  • Year-end Entries in non calendar year period

    First, I am sure this question is out there somewhere, but could you please tell me how to post year-end jnl entries to a different period. We are a calendar year company and would like to post year-end entries into a seperate period vs. normal 1-12.…
  • Stock bin location change

    Why do I get this when trying to change bin location for a product ? "Line number 1 : Incomplete Line: No entered stock transactions / Dock type location prohibited" Just trying to clean up the warehouse and get product in the right location so it is…
  • Application error in sage x3 customer return

    Hello dear, I'm trying to make a customer return in order to do the sales order again and the below error appeared. what is this error?
  • Purchasing Module- applying Discounts for early payment

    When entering the invoice in Purchasing against the PO I always change the dates and terms and apply the discount if paid early. However when posting to AP the discount does not carry over on the invoce and our AP person has to go and enter it manually…
  • Change sales cost in existing sales transactions

    Hello, We have a system with last cost valuation. But for example, if we have a article with a erroneous cost , all the sales documents (orders, deliveries, invocices) have al erroneous cost and margin. We repair the cost (with a miscellaneous receipt…
  • Miscellaneous Receipts

    When doing a miscellaneous receipt is there a way to make the lot number something else besides taking the auto number its given.
  • In transit

    How do you get rid of pounds in in-transit? Example: one site ships 10 cases and the other site receives 9 cases?
  • Removing Prepayments

    Hello, Is there a way to remove prepayments from a sales order, after the payment has been applied, and the period has been closed? We need to cancel a sales order, apply the payment against a new order. Many thanks!