• How to share SEI report view only ?

    Is it possible to share a report via an external link without the toolbar?
  • How can I create an SEI report from a SQL view or stored procedure?

    How can I create an SEI report from a SQL view or stored procedure?
  • Dimensions and measures showing in French

    I made a copy of the X3 Purchase Orders data model. When I try to create a new view off of that data model (only the copy, not the original), the folders inside of Dimensions and Data Measures are showing in French. Everything in set up is set to english…
  • Error 403 Attempt: 0

    When I try to open a previously working report, I found this error on open. Error 403 Attempt: 0
  • SEI 2023 Release 9 Excel export bug

    WIth 2023 Release 9 if I have descripton contains "19/02/2021", it will export to Excel as "19/01/2021". Even same when I copied to Clipborad.
  • Graphical Query Tool - Unique values export

    Hello, I am using the graphical query tool to create a Work Orders report. All is good, except due to our customer changing some procedures internally, we can no longer rely on our old filters. Therefore, we now have double/triple values in the Work…
  • SEI Kit margins are all showing incorrectly at 100%

    Our customer is starting to analyze margin information at product level. It appears that margins for kits are not reporting correctly. Attached screen shot shows example of a sales kit the customer supplies. Because no cost is associated with it, it is…

    Just installed SEI 2021. R1 and imported a template but trying to run the financial reports i get this error Please assist me on this. Thanks
  • Line Graph Trend

    Has anyone ever built a trend line for a graphed time series?
  • Legend in SEI chart showing duplicates from the column's description

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else had a similar issue when building graphical view on SEI. On the screenshot bellow, for each product category on the legend I get duplicates of the column's description. Thanks in advance for your help. Tar…
  • How do you set up a trailing twelve period report when it crosses fiscal years?

    In the SEI Excel reporting, is there a way to have a trailing twelve month report that crosses fiscal years without having to have 12 hidden columns that you sum to populate your TTM column? As an example, if you were reporting for June 2021, you would…
  • Graph of quantity ordered

    Anyone know how automatically show only the last 30 days data?
  • Pulling Calculated Values from One Report or Data Model Into another for further calculations.

    I have 2 different reports one is a Statement of Financial Position while the other is an Income statement, how can I get calculated fields value from my Income Statement Into my Statement of Financial Position noting that the IS has it's Data Model just…
  • Report design

    Hello Everyone, How do we design or take a our data from transaction screen to a excel sheet in bulk. Mean to say, I want all the data in excel report which was entered on the screen lavel.
  • Daylight Savings Time shifted Scheduled Reports in SEI

    Hello, As the title suggests, my business' reports are now being sent out an hour earlier than they should due to DST. When looking at the admin guide in SEI, it suggests I set a Time Zone for the scheduled job. However, as you can see below the option…
  • SEI View stuck in Pre-Fetching Data

    What would cause SEI to not populate the data in a view and just be stuck on "Pre-Fetching"? I've also noticed scheduled reports aren't being sent out either, so I'm guessing it's a connection problem.
  • Standard Accounting Code and Guidelines

    Does Sage has standard Accounting Code for product which we can refer as guidelines. For example the product code for Asset (if you have multiple asset Gl code - machine, computer, etc), should you have different product code for each asset according…
  • Group global variable

    There is a @@USER variable. I'm looking for a similar variable that will report an SEI group. I have a budget process that I need to control the viewing of payroll data by department. For example if user A logged into SEI is a member of SEI group 'DEPT35…
  • stat group dashboard or reports

    Has anyone created a dashboard or set of reports that show all the stat groups and possible values for customer stats, products stats, and analytical stats? This should help us better understand how we can better query our data. Alternatively, does anyone…
  • Difference between the Finance and UDM in SEI?

    I would like to know the difference between UDM and normal Finance process,dashboard and reports?
  • is there a way to see who ran a crystal report?

    I am looking to see if users are using certain customized reports. Is there a way to see who may have run certain reports.?
  • Is there a report for a Sales Forecast vs Actual Sales

    We are trying to utilize a sales forecast against actual sales. Is there a way to run this report in SEI? I currently run the forecast in an excel spreadsheet but I am not sure how to incorporate it into SEI. Any help is much appreciated. Katrina
  • SEi report won't run for particular user

    Hi and sorry I couldn't find an SEI forum, I’m having an issue with Sage Enterprise Intelligence. We have a report that is run daily and gets sent to 10+ users. 1 of these users isn’t getting the report. We’ve deleted the user and recreated…
  • Generate a report to get the list of Products without customer through SEI

    Dear All, I am facing some problem to generate a report through sage enterprise intelligence. I want information from the report is 'product without customer' but when i apply criteria/filter to the customer i.e. 'customer code=null', the output…
  • Can the SEI weblinks be opened without a user signing in?

    Can the SEI weblinks be opened without a user signing in? I want to deploy ongoing report through the browser that will automatically tab over to display different reports. The issues is, we have to sign into it every time it reboots.