Voucher Management Error


I have these errors in the Voucher Management module whenever I try to create a Customer/Supplier/General Ledger Voucher, Print a Customer/Supplier/General Ledger Voucher and also in the Voucher Management Defaults UI as attached hereunder.

I have uninstalled my antivirus on the PC and also used another PC without an Anti-Virus yet these errors persist.

Please what do I need to do to fix these errors?


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    Thanks Alex

    Please confirm the following:

    1. Open the currently installed Evolution folder on one of the problematic workstations where the above error is observed, 

    e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage Evolution

    2. In here, open the VM sub-folder

    3. Right Click Properties on the Core.dll file and go to the Details tab

    4. Take a screenshot of what you see and paste it in this chat. My example below 

    5. Also, on the same workstation, within the Evolution company, go to Utilities | Manage Extensions

    6. At the bottom of the screen, click the button called Manage Add-Ins

    7. Take a screenshot and also paste in here, so that at least the Voucher Management record is included

    E.g. here is my example

    8. If you go to Help | About, is the version

    9. Finally, on the same workstation, what is the User Account Control setting (within the Control Panel | User Accounts)?

    Please paste a screenshot in here. Mine is below. 

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    Hi Bennie,

    Here it goes as requested.

    We upgraded to version thinking it will solve the problem but all to no avail


    Alex Kato