• How to get Journal Entry number automatically when posting

    How can the Journal Entry appear automatically after posting a transaction.
  • Entry for CEBA Payback of Forgivable Portion after deemed ineligible

    Hello, I am looking for an entry to clear -20000 balance in the 2622 CEBA loan account payable for the amount of the forgivable portion that we previously claimed as income in 2020 but were later deemed ineligible. We have repaid the loan, which account…
  • Benefits entry

    Hi, How to post the journal entries for the paying the benefits statement to the benefits company at the beginning of the month the employee and employer portion is automatic out of the account. How to post the payroll entry with the employee deduction…
  • How do I reverse historical Invoices

    I came across an invoice, from 2022, that was duplicated and wish to reverse it, but I cannot because the transaction occured before the previous fiscal year. How can I remove this duplicate invoice?
  • Vendor overpayment

    I have paid the full amount twice for an invoice, how should I adjust for this overpayment?
  • transfer shares from company sold to new company

    what accounts do I use for Share Redemption?
  • check cashed twice

    I'm reconciling one month and my worker cashes checks by phone. So while doing this they had check lying around and cashed again so i cant reconcile that amount since that check was already cashed and bank cashed the check a second time again only to…
  • Delete posted

    How can I delete my entry in general journal which I create and posted it
  • Reimbursing an employee for picking up supplies with there own money

    I have tried several things and it always still ends up with multiple entries.. I am trying to reimburse an employee who picked up some supplies( From Staples) and paid with their own money. I have set up a G/L acct specifically for employee reimbursements…
  • How do I Delete complete vendor, purchases and payments to start over.

    How do I Delete complete vendor, purchases and payments to start over. I added a new vendor Jan 1, 2024 and added purchases (pay later) and then payments. For some reason it is not working out and I want to delete the whole thing and restart. Can this…
  • My Statement opening balance

    I am just NEW to this program so my books are just starting for 2024. Can I somehow change my statement opening balance for my visa in the reconciliation part of this program?
  • Cannot post an account code in our General Journal - that we have been able to in past.

    Since the latest 2024.1 update, We cannot enter a Ledger Code into the General Journal that we used to be able to all the time. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have read previous QAs on this subject, but none of them answer my question, as it was…
  • General ledger

    when I try and drill down on an account, the general ledger detail comes up with a blank screen and I'm not sure how to fix this. Any suggestions?
  • Journal entry in incorrect year

    Hi there, Not sure how to handle this journal entry. I did a recall recurring transaction journal entry for a reverse revenue accrual. This particular recurring transaction hadn't been used since 2022. I had created the entry and in error put Oct 3…
  • Accidentally posted a GJ in next fiscal year

    I accidentally posted a GJ onto next fiscal year. I completely ignored the warning prompt and clocked "OK" quickly. My session date did not change Current FY:Oct2023-Sept2024 ...Our next FY is Oct 1 2024 - Sept 30 2025. I posted on DEC 13 2024. I meant…
  • YE ADJ entries with US and CAD

    How can I enter adjustments in the same journal using both our CAD and USD bank accounts. I can only use one. CAD is our home currency. When I use the dropdown to USD for that account entry all is well, making entries with the other accounts that are…
  • How do you jornalize the following corporate truck purchase with a personal truck (used for the business that was the trade-in?

    Truck Purchase Purchase date Jan 9/2024 Total Sale price 109,619.00 Freight 2,200.00 Air tax 100.00 Extended warranty 9,041.00 Recycling fee 21.25 Admin fee 699.00 Lien Search 40.00 Service discount -2,300.00 repair personal truck Bean Discount -4,000…
  • Lease asset journal entry

    I believe I’ve entered my lease asset incorrectly last year. We have always had operating(rental) leases. But we leased a unit that we will complete the buy out on and own. i was strictly expensing the lease payment and gst. how do I correct this…
  • Reversing prepayment

    I am unable to delete this prepayment. I have tried to reverse but I get an error message "The amount owing for prepayments cannot be less than 0. Enter a greater amount than or equal to 0" I have tried to enter 0.00 but the same message appears.
  • Property Tax

    If at year end the property taxes has not been paid what would the entry be to get it into the current year end?
  • Foreign Exchange A/R and A/P - Lingering Balances

    Our accountants would like me to clear up lingering currency exchange values in my A/R and A/P accounts. Note that I have quite a few currencies that we use. For A/R I thought I could fix it by entering an entry through the Sales Journal. This does get…
  • Journal Entries Greater Than Five Years Ago

    I am trying to review Capital Purchases over an extended period of time, and I thought Sage stored data for greater than six years. At every year end, I leave the old historical data on the system, have never deleted, which I thought meant I would have…
  • New Mortgage

    I am having a moment and cannot remember the proper way to post this. My boss got a new mortgage in the company's name. It more or less refinances the shop so he could use the cash to purchase personal property as well as make improvements to the shop…
  • direct deposit issue

    My client is having issues uploading a direct deposit file for payroll. Error is stating that it's the incorrect institution number. The bank is HSBC. Has anyone had any issues uploading payroll and receiving this error message?
  • I accidently create a credit note for a customer? how do I cancel it

    Hello! there Subject Needed with Credit Note Removal I am writing to seek assistance regarding an issue I have encountered while attempting to rectify an error in our system. While updating a customer name on an invoice, I inadvertently generated…