• Stripe Payout for Foreign Currency

    A stripe USD payout was recorded in my CAD bank account. I have tried deleting the transaction from the CAD bank account but it says I am not allowed to delete stripe payouts. Is there a way to remove this transaction?
  • Migration to Sage Accounting Sales Invoice numbers changed

    Why did all of my sales invoice numbers change when I migrated from Sage 50 desktop to Sage accounting (cloud). They also do not upload correctly from Auto Entry. It appears as though Sage is assigning its own numbers to the sales invoices.
  • Cheques

    After processing about 10 cheques, some of which have been sent out, i realized the numbers are off in the program to the actual number on the cheque. So, in the system the cheque number is listed to a different vendor than what is on the physical cheque…
  • Loan Origination Fees

    Hi Guys, I am trying to figure out how to post my lender fee (loan origination fee) on a mortgage. I have created the loan liability account and an asset account already and created a journal entry crediting the liability and debiting the asset…
  • refund created in error

    How do I reverse a refund? I have to issue a refund to a customer but realized too late that I need to do a VB instead. I started the process for refunding as directed on Knowledge Base but it doesn't trigger a cheque. And I shouldn't have done that because…
  • How do you change the amount of your accounts closing balance for months that you did not use the program?

    We started using Sage Business Cloud in October. Prior to this we were using just spreadsheets for our accounting system. When setting up the Sage program I was required to enter the year end date for our business which is a few months before we started…
  • correcting GL Opening balances in new fiscal year

    How do I correct/set/reset the Opening Balances of GL accounts of a new fiscal year to 0? The Opening Balances are carrying forward to this new fiscal year. The period variance is correct for this fiscal year, but the Opening Balance (and therefore…
  • Receipt

    Wondering if there is a way to issue a receipt when accepting deposits/partial payments for invoices instead of just giving an invoice showing partial payment?
  • I have posted a customer receipt from the invoice itself AND via the Create button in the bank account. How do I correct this?

    I have posted a customer receipt from the invoice itself AND via the Create button in the bank account. How do I correct this?
  • How do I change the name on a customer invoice that was converted from a sales order?

    I converted a client sales order into an invoice , the customer name needs to be changed to their sister company . Sage is saying that I cannot do this , is there a way around this?
  • changing the ledger account number on reconciled vendor bill

    Hi, I need help in a bit of a hurry. I have entered several vendor bills using the incorrect ledger account. Do I have to unallocate all of them and re reconcile? The instructions say it can be done just through banking but I can't see a way to access…
  • My reconciliation is not balancing due to an incorrect entry made a year ago before I became the Treasurer. How do I fix this?

    I am the newly elected Treasurer for our National Board and I'm new to Sage. When the books were passed over, I was advised that there was an error made on one of the entries about a year ago. Sage is showing our balance having $50.00 more than what is…
  • how to post a refund record from supplier on a credit card?

    Creating payment to credit card (refunds record from supplier)
  • delete

    How do i delete everything i have done, so that i can start over
  • Restaurant Tip

    How can I adjust the restaurant tip amount ?
  • general ledger entry

    i am trying to make year entry in the general ledger, but can not see all of the accounts, why?
  • Payroll loans

    Hello, I issued a loan to an employee of $3000 who was having a difficult time and they have since then quit and the loan is no longer recoverable due to them going off the radar and ghosting me. How would I fix this in my system as it is still showing…
  • zero dollar cheques

    I need to issue zero dollar cheques to clean up AP accounts. System will not let me do it. How can I get around this?
  • Refundable Deposit

    We have paid a damage deposit to the local county for property improvements. It will either be refunded in full in a few months time, or the county may apply it to the cost of any damage we would be liable for. I am unsure how to enter it, as…
  • Removing Opening Balance Bad debt

    Hi community! I hope you guys won't let me down :) - Yes I brew beer and I love to ski I am looking to inactivate a customers "Carey" , however, there's an account balance remaining AR which is bad debt OB (as I migrated systems in covid) that I cannot…
  • How can I change a client's name on a saved/paid invoice

    I accidently chose the wrong client name for an invoice. I've tried editing the name, but it does not change all the infomation - ie : edited the name, however the old client's address remained on the invoice. when I saved the new name, the invoice remained…
  • why did sage create two invoices when I had to change a rate

    I happened to have to change the rate that I usually charge while creating an invoice. I clicked on the rate, changed it, then saved. Sage created two invoices ...why? how do I correct this?
  • reversing entry

    Trying to fix a messy set of books I inherited on Sage Cloud Accounting Canada. The problem: A double payment was entered last year. First an invoice was entered. The payment was made with 'other payment' format. Thus the payment did not connect to the…
  • Employee Advances

    I am reviewing the accounts, an have discovered that there are outstanding employee advances for employees that are no longer employed by the company. This is dating back many years. How do I go about making an entry to clear this account. I tries to…
  • Matching invoices with unallocated payments

    I've inherited a set of books that are rather messy. Summary shows thousands of dollars in very old unpaid bills. When I check through I can see the payments were made separately as 'other payment' and not allocated to any invoice and they show up on…