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  • Error in Log when Importing Documents

    In Sage CRM v2023 R2, when we Import a document, from the CRM nterface, everything looks Ok and document can be consulted. But in the Logs (File: current_sdata.log), we see this error: ERROR [http-nio-10001-exec-7]: 18-Apr-2024 23:23:46.229 Error…
  • Transfert de Sage 50 d'un vieil ordi vers un nouveau

    J'ai une version de 2017.0 et quand je veux m'enregistrer il ne prends pas mon numero de série. IL dit qu'il n'est pas compatible. je met celui sur la boite, ca ne fonctionne pas. je met celui après la dernière mise a jour et ca ne fonctionne…
  • About the local Sage X3 Documentation Server

    Reason of this was because client and internal team have pushback against the new online-help changes and would like to know if it is possible to get it back locally. I have reasoned with the users to use lvexpertisex3 website as a temporary online…
  • Moving from Sage Fixed Assets 2016.1 Network to Single User 2024

    Looking to see what the options are for moving from Sage Fixed Assets 2016.1 Network to a single user installed on a single workstation of 2024. Just started working with a client and discovered they are running this version and its running on a Windows…
  • Can 300 2023 version be configured in some form of high availability and disaster recovery ?

    can we install sage 300 2023 in high availability mode
  • TCP Provider: No such host is known.: ini_com:Variable dimension:!(2)

    Sage X3: v12p33 Sitemap loading failed: Connection to server failed : X3 engine error: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server]TCP Provider: No such host is known. : ini_com:Variable dimension:!(2) Context: Hostname changed.
  • Upgrade version XRT 4.01 To 4.04

    Hi everyone, I'm tryng to upgrade the version of xrt from 4.01 to XRT 4.04, my problem is that user Admin that in 4.01 is administrator after the upgrade lose the privileges of admin so you couldn't access in SCAS page and enable the access to Treasury…

    When I enter the serial number in SAGE "about" it wont accept it on the update window.
  • Limited functionalities after installing a downloadable version in store

    Last year (2023), I bought Sage 50 Premium directly from Sage. Today I bought the 2024 version from Staples. I installed it, registered it online with the Company code I created last year, and got my activation key. When I open Sage, I can 'search…
  • installation

    comment je fais pour installer un logiciel que j'ai acheté en magasin
  • Still using One-Write Plus

    I have a client who is running One-Write Plus on an ancient Win95 Gateway computer. I think I've finally convinced them to upgrade before the machine dies. What is the best way to move One-Write data over to Sage? Thanks!
  • Sage 50 Premium

    I have Sage 50 Premium on my machines. License is 2 user. I needed to add 4 users for a different business. I have purchased the 4 user license and am wondering how I go about installing the 4 user software without affecting the 2 user software. Do I…
  • Communication error on local PC when installing Sage 200 Professional Client

    When installing Sage 200 client on local PCs i recieve the following error: I have read that this could be due to the certificate not being on the local PC, however i have since copied the certficate to the PC and i still get the same error message…
  • Silent install?

    Is it possible to install Sage CRM via a command line (or powershell)? I would like to script the install. Many thanks
  • Transfèrer Sage 50

    J'ai la version 2023 de Sage 50. Je veux transfèrer Sage 50 vers mon nouvel ordinateur, comment Faire, svp. Merci.
  • 3 Server Installation

    Is it possible to use 3 servers for an install? 1 SQL Server, 1 Application Server, and 1 server for IIS/Web Services? I have a client asking because they want to open CRM externally but only to the IIS server. Thanks, Anthony
  • Installation of the business object interface in a docker container

    I want to deploy my app in a docker container but for that I need to install the business object interface. The problem that I'm facing is that the installation is blocked from installation in the container even with scripts that execute the .exe as…
  • Installing Efiling

    Dear Sage - please either make the option to install eFiling from the error message you get when you don't have it installed actually WORK, or don't offer it as an option and instead direct us to the Workstation Wizard in the error message. K, thanks…
  • Can’t open files in sage 50 pro

    I downloaded a trial of sage 50 premium and opened a test company to try it out. how can I continue to use sage 50 pro? When I went to open a previous file I used in pro it now opens in premium. I have a back up that I can hopefully still use in pro …
  • 2024 Iowa W-4 changes. Is Sage 300 CRE set up to accommodate?

    Iowa has changed their W-4 for 2024. They no longer use personal allowance. They now use dollar amounts. Does anyone know if Sage 300 CRE has been set up to accommodate this? If so, is there any information available about the changes?
  • New Sage 300 2024 installation - Admin Password not working for Database Setup

    Hello everyone, I have just installed SAGE 300 2024 and am trying to create company databases but when I enter the default password for ADMIN, it says invalid password. How do I fix that? Thanks for the help in advance.
  • Precheck register not showing data in the footer since update

    We did the Q1 2024 update today and now it seems the Precheck register and Payroll register isn't coming out the same as it did last week. With the crystal updates am i missing something that needs to change? I know something went from 7.3 to 8.0 do we…
  • [X3-Online-help] Question about the new online help

    When I press this: I get greeted with this page: When I tried to use the old link, I get: I remember on old link, there are videos that taught the basics of using…
  • 2023 to 2024

    I currently have Sage 2023 on a server and want to upgrade to 2024. Do I have to uninstall 2023 or do I just install the 2024.0 upgrade update version and not the full install? Below are my current choices. Same question for the client on workstations…
  • Ebook

    From where can I access online or download Level 2: Accounting Modules ebook / eBookshelf within sage university and not from third party?