• Inventory Discrepancy

    Does inventory have to be moved to final warehouse before completing ROG? Several commercial invoices were processed through ROG, but the inventory hadn't been moved to the correct warehouse. Invoice is correct in AP but inventory balances are incorrect…
  • Intercompany billing

    Hello. Does anyone know the best way to bill between departments in Sage 100 Contractor? we have one department that acts as a subcontractor to another department and needs to bill them to recognize the revenue for their work.
  • Moving a paid AP invoice to a subcontract

    I paid a couple of AP invoices which were correctly assigned to a job, but were not allocated to a subcontract. How do I assign them to the subcontract without voiding and reentering?
  • Inventory Cost Detail out of whack

    Where do I start to fix this ... Show I run the Balance Inventory Qty and Cost...
  • PO in Back Order Status

    Hello I have a PO that product was already received back in 2022 but the line items also have a backorder qty and I can't edit the PO to remove those quantities.. Is there a way to remove the BO qty's and status.
  • Adjusting Inventory

    Hello what is the best way to make an adjustment to inventory without taking hit on the money side... I have an item that shows 2 in stock but there is nothing on hand and hasn't been for years. I need to bring inventory to 0 count but not take a…
  • Changing Effective dates when running a Job.

    When we run a job nightly for IRP do we need to change the effective and cutoff dates every day or does it change automatically somehow?
  • Cash receipts

    How do you reverse an incorrect prepayment id cash recepits?
  • General Leader

    We just upgraded to Sage 100, however, our Asset are wrong along with all of the GL account opening balances, how would you revise the beginning balances?
  • Transfer history in a GL Code to a new GL.

    In the General Ledger, I would like to transfer history in a GL Code to a new GL. The new account will not have been used before, just trying to clean up the books. Is there a way to do this?I have looked at Utilities/Change accounts, but am not sure…
  • Yearend Payroll

    I have a $1.11 cent Social Security error for an employee when I run my yearend payroll, Aduit. How do I correct it? It is the total year Balance to Aduit amount.
  • GL Account Key

    Hello... what is the purpose of the GL Account Key for budgeting..
  • Partial shipping of a Sales Order, Scrap, and Operations Management

    Hello, I'm dealing with a situation that I'm not sure how to manage. Let me explain: Suppose I have a Sales Order for a customer, in which I have only one line containing two units of a product that we produce. I also have a Work Ticket linked to…

  • What is the best way to intercompany an AP credit from one company to another company?

    We have multiple companies that ultimately rolls into one set of financials. Company A accidentally paid invoice #1 for $100.00 when invoice #1 actually belonged to Company B. Company B also received and paid for invoice #1 already. Company B wants to…
  • Edit PO Quantity Ordered Without Reversing Receipt of Invoice

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if it is possible to edit a PO quantity ordered in the lines tab without having to reverse the receipt of invoice. From everything I learned, I always thought we had to create a reverse receipt of invoice first, then…
  • Voiding a Posted RMA?

    Is there any way to void an RMA after it has already been fully posted (RMA entry and Receipts entry completed, picking sheet generated, invoice generated, Daily Transaction Register run). I am still learning the RMA system and have made a few mistakes…
  • Change labor cost to non-billable labor

    New to Sage, and learning. So I have been asked to close Job work order's that we did not billed the customer. But in payroll (5-2-2 payroll records) I see that the labor cost was charged to the job. How do I change that? I have been asked to change…
  • cost adjustments

    I would like to know if I can adjust cost to part of a tier.
  • Purchase Order Receipt of Goods Entry Line not Appearing on Open PO

    Hello everyone, I am trying to close old POs that weren't properly received previously. We have a PO that on PO Entry/Inquiry shows the line as ordered and invoiced, but not received so the PO is considered Back Ordered. When I go into Receipt of Goods…
  • Physical count entry

    User prints and freezes specific vendor AGFA for warehouse 100 then prints worksheet, and counts. Then in Physical count entry instead of just those items for vendor AGFA displaying all inventory in the warehouse list out. Can anyone tell me why is…
  • Write off old prepayments in accounts receivable

    I am looking to write off old prepayments made by customers that are no longer ordering from us and these prepayments are sitting in our A/R as a credit. I am unable to apply a debit memo to these prepayments as there is no invoice. Has anyone gone through…
  • Moving inventory from one warehouse to another

    How can I move ALL inventory from one warehouse to another in one shot? I can do item by item but that will take forever.
  • Transaction tied to past reconciliation

    I need to void an invoice for something that was appearing in my main bank reconciliation screen for June. So it will throw off the rec balance but I am planning on re-entering in sage again in a different form so it should work.
  • Inventory item committed but transactions SO and Invoice line item qty 0

    Hello Sage City... Mr. needy help again here.. So we have an inventory item that shows 2 on hand with 1 committed/back order when I look under the Transaction tab for this item is shows both the SO and Invoice that it should be included on. When I…