• Sage 300 Desktop version - Windows Authentication , What are the protocol being used.

    May i know what protocol is being used for Windows Authentication in desktop version? As some System Auditor may question this during the audit. Please advise if anyone have this information
  • FIrewall screen opening delay v2024

    There is a site that behaves very oddly; new server and upgrade of Sage300 Server 2022 Std DC/SQL together (yeah I know security weakness - told I.T. when Private Firewall is On at server stations get green bar opening screen with error message…
  • Database Configuration Setup error after installing Sage 300 2023 PU3

    After installing Sage 300 2023 PU3 Prior to the upgrade to PU3 I had created the 2 databases and SQL user as described in the Sage 300 Enhanced Security document. W hen I logged into the Database Configuration Setup and entered the required fields on…

    What is the difference between Sage 300 Premium, Advance and Standard editions?
  • Is there any way to re-do the vault/store database setup?

    May i know is there anyway to re-do the vault/store database setup? I have a scenario that i need to change the credentials being used for vault/store? Thank you.
  • Sage 300 2024 w/PU1 Sage 300 Cannot Connect to Signon Manager - Resolution

    Brand new install of Sage 300 2024 and PU1 on 2019 Server and 2019 SQL Server - not new workstations. Always have problems with the same 2 out of 6 workstations (all within 1-4yo) when it comes to Sage 300 workstation installs. I'm putting this out here…
  • I upgraded from 2023 to 2024 SAGE 300 but when I tried to login on the web screen, it gave me below error

    when i try to logging via http locally, any help please
  • Email setting questions

    Sage 300 V2024 with PU1. Can't send email. Client is using Gmail Business Account. Has anyone successfully setup such in latest version of Sage 300? Sage tech's answer is: "old authentication methods of “Usernames/Password” have been deprecated…
  • Users Permission to Run Sage 300

    Hi, A customer with internal IT policies don't want that users that will run Sage 300 2024 application (desktop version) have Administration rights (Local Administrator). Is it possible some way? Any recommendation? Thank you

    I am setting up sage 300 2024. The application and SQL was installed successfully. when I launch the application via web screen, I get this error "Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component". what can I do to resolve this issue…
  • Vault and Store changes

    When making changes to a production system such as updating SQL passwords, changing SQL servers, or using a different SQL account, how do we get to the edit screen for the Vault and Store databases configurations? Alternatively, is there a way to make…
  • Missing email tab in company profile

    We have a client that indicates that they used to be able to email OE invoices but now they cannot. In their company profile there is not email tab. Any thoughts? Ty.
  • Cannot Import Users from Accpac old version to a new server with newest version

    Hi everyone, Im trying to import Users from old version (Sage ERP 2012) to Sage 300 2022 but I cant, an error : Your password must contain bith letters and numbers, and cannot include special characters!!! But when exporting that users data from…
  • Can't create control 3BBA251-1929-4AF4-B326-D7358E6A3B80

    Hello, Trying to create a new user, but got the following error message: Can't Create Control 3BBA251-1929-4AF4-B326-D7358E6A3B80. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  • Web Client Session Timeout

    the web client timeouts after 20 min of non activity. I adjusted the 300WEBAPI - WEB.config under key name “SessionPoolTimeOut” to 120. Restarted the application pool and all sites and i still timeout after 20 min. Has anyone successfully found how to…
  • Users showing as logged in even after rebooting server

    Has anyone experienced this? We are trying to create a new fiscal year but they system is not allowing it due to users being logged in. We have rebooted the server but have the same issue.
  • Multiple Outgoing Email Accounts

    Hi We are getting more inquiries about setting up multiple outgoing email accounts per document type. Eg Email order confirmations from [email protected] Email invoices and statements from [email protected] Just wondering if…
  • Change Job Cost Code Format

    Good morning, I'm trying to align our cost code with the 2014 AIA cost code format in Sage. Right now, it's formatted as xxxxx.xxx but I want it to be xx-xx-xx. Does anyone know how i can change this format? Thanks in advance!
  • Error 1 opening database profile

    When running dbload i get Error 1 opening database profile Am running as administrator Sage 300 2021 new install thanks in advance
  • IC Item Stock Unit Conversion Factor

    Hi..I have a question which need advise from the experts here. If the Item is 16.7g per bottle. And every time to use in IC BOM, it required 0.35g. How do I set the Stocking Unit Conversion in the IC Item? As the Conversion Factor not allow to use decimal…
  • Stock conversion factor

    Hello, 1 bag = 50 units meaning we buy one bag but the bag contains 50 units. We don't store by bag, but by 50 units. How do I set the unit of measure on the stock item? Thanks, Helen
  • Setting up Database for students at our university (trying to help our professor)

    Hi. We need help getting our database setup. I did some reading on it and even though I understand technical things pretty well I did not quite get it. As I mentioned in the title this is for a class we are taking in Computerized Accounting and we all…
  • Unit of measure with decimals

    Hello, We have an unit of measure EA. However, we need to enter 34.5 each. How do change the unit of measure to accept decimals? Thanks! Helen
  • PO Comments and Instructions

    Hello, How to change the setup so Instructions in the PO doesn't show on the PO or the opposite meaning the Comments doesn't show...Either is fine. We just need to have either Comments or Instructions for internal use. Best, Helen
  • TLS 1.2 - "mail delivery failed" happens randomly in Sage 300 v2020

    Hi, We are experiencing this message randomly. The company profile > email configurations are correct. However, sometimes it allows to send a test email and sometimes it displays the error message. Is anybody experiencing this? Ty.