• FR Reporter

    need to take you back i have an FR report in the typical Vertical format with departments coming one after the other Admin Electrical Engineering i want this in horizontal format, the departments next to each other, column H, I, J for example…
  • Report showing transactions posted by user?

    I'm looking for a report that will show the posted transactions (or batches) by user. (Or a list of all transactions/batches for a select date, with a column showing the user). Any help?
  • What Crystal Reports runtime engine use Sage 300 2022?

    Hi everyone, We just upgrade an old Sage 300 ERP v2012 to a new server with Sage 300 2022 Update. Not a problem. But a custom application IT create with VB that use Crystal reports is not working, apparently for some crystal runtime engine conflict…
  • Arial Unicode MS use in the Standard Crystal Reports

    I have just learned that the Arial Unicode MS font in use in nearly all the Crystal reports in Sage 300 has been eliminated by Microsoft thru an update to Windows. Apparently, Microsoft had been paying for the font and decided they didn't want to anymore…
  • Error Code: -2147467259

    Suddenly receiving Error Code: -2147467259 Method '~' of object '~' failed when trying to print anything. Reinstalled Chrystal reports, SAGE 2022, PU4 still the same problem. Any sugestions?
  • I/C Physical Inventory Quantity report showing some products On hold

    What causes an item to show as 'On hold' in the last column titled Status. We have looked around and can't find what causes that to happen.
  • Aatrix's Certified Payroll Report won't generate

    After choosing job and employees, the next step is "Generate". Upon clicking that link I get a message that simply says an error has occured and for me to check the viewer. In the log viewer it reads, "Object reference not set to an instance of an object…
  • Intelligence Reporting

    I am having issues editing a report using the designer tool. I am not able to open the task pane. an error message is displayed which says, there is no valid data in the workbook for it to work. How do I get past this?
  • User Activity Report

    sage300 v7 (2023) sp1 fresh install. I can't get user activity to show any details. it comes out blank. running it as admin the company has had users using it for a month now
  • Old Financial Statements

    How do I print a financial statement from 2021?
  • Sage combing paystub info

    Hello, SAGE Payroll Processing is combining pay stub info. Could this be a crystal report issue? if so, where we would we begin for diagnostic? Thanks!
  • SAGE 300 2020 - User Access Review

    As part of a user access review, Support have asked if we can provide a “last signed on” field either with the user details or in a separate report. Is this data available?
  • Generate the Inventory Value Report as at 31st December 2022

    Hi, I want to know, which is the correct way of getting Inventory Value Report as of end of the year (31st December 2022). Today 2nd March 2022. If we Generated Item Valuation Report using Transaction Cost ( Changing the year end date to 31st December…
  • Norming Fixed Assets - asset reporting

    Hi I am new to Sage and Norming Fixed assets, I am trying to look for an asset report that I can run for the month that will show me the following on 1 report: sorted by category - asset number - asset description - Orig purch price - In service…
  • Bank Reconciliation Status report as of a specific date

    I need to find the details of what withdraws and deposits were outstanding at 10/31/22. The reconciliation status report seems to give me what is outstanding at this moment in time for anything processed through 10/31/22, not exactly what I need. I have…

    Hi , I have clients that require a monthly billing report with specific fields from the transactions processed. Invoicing is done from the AR & OE module. Since OE invoicing ends up in the AR tables, I have created a report from the AR tables…
  • Sage300 Font issue

    Just upgraded to Microsoft Azure. Same version of Sage300 and crystal reports. If you print preview a report fonts are crazy and look strange on screen . Export and view in Adobe font is as specified in the report layout. Arial font is loaded on server…
  • Sage 300 Web Screen - How to data populated in Activity Trend on the Dashboard?

    Hello, Anyone can tell me how was the data in Activity Trend in web screen's Dashboard was populated? Am checking for the Shipment Value on the bar chart. Compared it with the Shipments information on the same date from Sage 300, but could not get…
  • Web screen report

    Reports do not print from the Sage 300 Web Screens. No error message or warning is displayed. I tried to open on server and on client.
  • ERROR Code: 2147467259

    I am trying to preview or print in sage 300 and keep on getting Error Code: 2147467259 (Method object failed)
  • Pallet labels

    Hi has anyone done pallet labels. so you create an order and items are scanned in and placed on pallet. This can be a mix of products. Like 10 boxes product A 2 boxes product B. pallet label must print those 2 has anyone done this in sage 300 or know…
  • Does anybody know what table and field the Notes module stores the note status? (Active, Future, Expired, Dismissed)

    I see there are 4 tables for KN module. KNNOTEH is the main one. KNNTDIS is apparently to make a list of notes that have been dismissed, however, these records remain if you restore the note so this cannot be where Sage records the note status. KNSEQ…
  • Overdue Customer Report Needed

    We need a simple way to query a report for on hold accounts and their outstanding payment amounts. I thought I could use some of the data provide from the AR Customer Inquiry table, but I can't seem to find what that table is called? We need - Customer…
  • Is there a way to have CRM notes print on the picking slip?

    I have the option for it to print on the packing slip but want to include notes for our shippers on the picking slip. Is there an option that would allow this? Thanks.
  • How to print TB for future year.

    Hi, The scenario is like this: The Financial year is Jan - Dec 2021 while the transaction that entered in the system is until Jan 2022. Note that the user is not yet create new year as the transaction of Dec 2021 is not yet completed. So, here, how…