Sage50 Cloud. Item drop down list. More than one item is selected / highlighted when using the down arrow key.



I need help with doing a quote, I get this problem when I try to find an item and scroll down with my down arrow key.  All the items get highlighted as I scroll down and I am not sure which is the item I need to choose.

I am using Sage50 cloud 2023 on Windows 11.  Same problem on Sage50C 2022 after I upgraded to Windows 11.  

Thanks for the help.

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    I'm very sorry about the delay in responding to requests for update on this!  I've been busy answering and coordinating our Q&A Live service for Sage 50 US during our peak season this year, and I have not had the opportunity to log back into SageCity since then.  Again, I am very sorry for this delay and for the appearance that we are not doing anything about this issue!

    We have actually been doing a lot of work on this issue!  We've created an article tracking causes and solutions for the issue at this link:

    As you can see from the publication date at the bottom, it was updated just yesterday and I expect it will continue to be updated as our engineering team continues to work on the issue.  At present, we believe the issue may be caused by a recent Windows update, specifically Windows Cumulative Update Preview (KB5022478), but we are continuing to investigate possible causes and solutions.  It unfortunately has not proven to be a quick fix so far, but if anyone has found a solution or workaround that we don't currently have listed, please let us know and I'll get that information to our development team!

    So far there are only three workarounds for the issue that we've found:

    1. Restart the affected machine.  Sometimes this resolves the issue, but it can come back sometimes.
    2. Disable the "Drop-down list displays automatically" option in the company global options settings (see the knowledgebase article linked above for specific steps).  While this doesn't completely prevent the issue, in testing it does make it occur less frequently.
    3. As a workaround, use the mouse to select item IDs instead of the arrow keys.  I am aware that several users have stated that using their mouse is not a workable solution, but if none of the above solutions work, this is all we have left at the moment.

    Again, I'm very sorry for the delay, and extremely sorry that we don't have a permanent solution that I can present at this time.  We are continuing to work on the issue, though, and the knowledgebase article linked above will continue to be updated as we find out more about the issue.  Thank you all so much for your patience!

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    Hello AWalls, thank you for stopping by and posting.  Your suggestions didn't work and reposting a solution from 2014 is pretty crazy.  I don't think there was Windows 10, Windows 11 or Sage50 back in 2014.  I appreciate trying to help, but that was nonsense.  We pay a monthly subscription for a product to work and to tell me to use a mouse and not the down arrow keys is so wrong in so many ways.  I am sure this is an easy fix and Sage needs to is to put some resources to get it done.    

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    I'm sorry to hear those solutions didn't work for you!  As I said, we are still working on this.

    As for the solution being "reposted from 2014", I understand you're referring to the original publication date of the article?  Did you see that it was updated just yesterday?  I understand it may seem like nonsense, but Sage 50 has been around for more than a decade and solutions to issues that cropped up in earlier versions are often still relevant today, particularly if those articles have been recently updated.  The most commonly used troubleshooting article I use for support is the one for restarting the database engine, which still fixes most problems that come in to support today, and it was originally written in 2013, though it has been updated many times.  The second most common article I refer to is the installation instructions, which were also originally published in 2013, but have been continuously updated and work for all current versions.  The obsolescence article I referred to in a separate post was created in 2014.  All three are still very relevant today.  This article may have been created to address an issue in 2014, but it was updated yesterday, and it refers to Windows updates that didn't even exist until this year.

    I understand you're frustrated and I that you don't think we're taking this issue seriously enough.  We are devoting resources to it, as evidenced by the recent and continuing updates to that article.  I understand that you think this issue is super simple and that we should have solved it by now.  Unfortunately my personal experience with programming is that solutions are rarely fast and simple, particularly if the problem arises from multiple very large programs interacting.  I am not on the team that's dealing with this issue, but I imagine they're having a lot of difficulty with it since this involves not only our own program but likely the new database engine and also Windows 10 and 11, which are themselves massive programs with many large updates.  However, if you have any expertise in this area and know of an easy fix solution, I would be happy to hear it and pass it on!  If not, I ask that you please try to understand that we are doing our best.

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    Just don't make 2022 obsolete yet.  Please keep supporting it until you do have a solid solution.  This is unprecedented territory.  Circumstances alter cases.  Please don't force people to use something that is not fully functional in the inventory area when you don't have a solid solution.

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