• bank feeds

    How do I change the bank accounts that Plaid is pulling up. When I go to get bank feed, it pulls up old accounts at this bank.

  • "An error has occurred. Paya has returned the following error: UNKNOWN ERROR"

    Paya is not working on 3 computers... we are getting the following error "An error has occurred. Paya has returned the following error: UNKNOWN ERROR"
  • Small Windows

    Just updated all my computers. Sage will open and run fine. BUT as soon as i need to open a recurring entry, or new customer, new purchaser. It only opens at the side and I can't access it. I can just touch part of the x that's its... I am running…
  • Remote Data Access Read Only Mode

    I am trying to use RDA to work remotely. I am able to open the company that I need but it will only open in read only mode. How do I change this setting so that I may record transactions?
  • SMTP Authorization

    Sending was fine until Monday 5/13 when we began receiving a notification of a problem with the SMTP Server. How can I get sage 50 authorized in the SMTP Server
  • Multiple Company databases for Sage 50 Premium

    Hello, How many company databases can be maintained under 1 user license of Sage 50 Premium? Is it easy to go back and forth between companies? Thank you! Greg M.
  • Setting up new client

    Hi For the last 24 hours I have been trying to add a new client but am getting a message that it cannot be added now. Has anyone else experienced this? I guess I could call the helpline. Thanks.
  • client account

    cannot locate prior client in list of companies any longer?
  • Sage 2024 issues

    Is there anyone else experiencing this? After installing Sage 2024, we have the following issues: 1. It allows 2 sales orders, invoices, etc. to have the same number when 2 users do the same task simultaneously. No warning is given. 2. Sometimes…
  • could not sync the remote data access company error message when logging into company on 2024 Sage 50

    We have gone through all of the suggested procedures to access company on the computer housing the company file. The instructions say to click on the three dots beside the company file name. We do not have three dots. We have a cloud icon. Please…
  • Proforma Invoice Option or Alternative

    We require upfront payment on all Sales Orders, we are linked to Stripe for pay methods and I need a way to send the Sales Order or Proforma type invoice to the client with the payment link to collect prepayment while still being able to close out the…
  • Sage 50 2024 super slow over network.

    Sage 50 2023 ran fine on our network. On a client machine, "View and Edit Invoice" table updated in about 1 second. However after "upgrading" to 2024 version, the same "View and Edit Invoice" table takes 29 seconds. Other tables also take significantly…
  • Mouse Issues

    Mouse not scrolling in Sage but works fine everywhere else Can anyone help with this issue Karen
  • View and Edit Inventory Items never loads, sage 50 quantum 2023

    When I go to View and Edit inventory items I get this screen that is perpetually loading with no way to close it except to force close sage. It only happens on one computer. Tried repairing Sage but it still does this. We do not have a huge amount of…
  • Sage 50 US desktop versus Sage Cloud

    I would like to talk to someone who has experience using Sage Cloud versus Sage 50 US desktop. I have several years experience with Sage desktop software. A new client is looking to me to recommend accounting software. The client is a small service home…
  • Sage 50 2024 Performance affected by Role permissions

    I've been doing some testing recently and have found that users with less permissions in Sage are experiencing slower performance. To recreate this User A is assigned Administrator role within Sage. and User B is assigned a custom Parts Dept role…
  • Select a Report or Form (Not Responding)

    Sage 50, 2024. Company opens and I had no issues until 4 days ago. Suddenly I cannot open reports. IE, I try to open a General Ledger report, click on the options button and Sage decides that it is not responding and freezes the program. Ideas?
  • users exit Sage 50 and try again

    When I run the report its saying Another Sage 50 user or workstation is accessing this company area or performing a similar company process. Please wait a moment and try again. If you believe you received this message in error, have all users exit Sage…
  • I can log into Sage, but it knocks me off within 1 to 2 minutes.

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I need help ASAP. I do not have time to wait for someone to call me back - IF they even will. I've tried at least 15 times and I get the same result every time. I have reports to do and need access as soon as possible…
  • ALT Function in data entry

    During data entry of various items Sage offers the ability to move about the entry window using ALT plus the corresponding letter (EX: ALT-D to go to date field, ALT-C for invoice field). The ALT-A function no longer works. Trying to understand how only…
  • Computer Networking and Sage 50

    Several years ago, we bought Dell 5820s for workstations. They have been excellent on part of our network. However, on the distal end of our network, about 300 ft down a Cat 5 cable, when our warehouse workers tried to use Inventory Adjustments, and wait…
  • Sage shutting down

    I keep trying to build/unbuild assembles, but my sage keeps saying not responding and shuts down. Has anyone else been having issues?
  • Engineering Company - soon-to-be former QuickBooks user

    I run a small engineering company and have used QuickBooks for years. I'll never go to cloud-based accounting software, which is where Intuit is forcing users to go. I'm curious to hear from any other owners of engineering companies who use Sage 50 -…
  • Changing an employee to salary from hourly with sage 50 2024

    Apparently with the new build you cannot change an employee from hourly to salary. You have to create a new record with all new information - you cannot copy the record you have to re-key everything. Sage then "sees" the new record as a duplicate and…